Do you prefer to be called "Diabetic" or "Someone with diabetes" or something else?

I have always been a bit turned off by people referring to me as “diabetic”. For some reason I prefer being referred to as that guy who “has diabetes” as opposed to he’s “diabetic”. I suppose its no big deal really. I am curious to hear others thoughts on this.

When people acknowledge your diabetes -

Do you (A) Prefer to be called “Diabetic”.
(B) Prefer to be call “a person (insert your name here) who has Diabetes”.
© Prefer no one says anything about your diabetes at all.
(D) Don’t Care one way or another.
(E) Other…explain if you will…

Thanks for your response!

I have diabetes; therefore, I am diabetic. I am not a diabetic.

D). I don’t really care…(just not in a "poor thing " type tone!)

yeah, tone is important! I prefer “person with diabetes” but only apply that rule to myself (as in, I don’t try to tell other PWDs that they shouldn’t call themselves a diabetic)


D) It doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve never kept it a secret what I am. I have a disease and that part I can accept. It’s the frustration of trying to get/keep it in contol that bothers me.

I am a girl who is unique, plays viola, has fun and likes rock climbing. I have diabetes, and I have my sidekick team beside me.

I am NOT a diabetic. Diabetes doesn’t make me; my body “made” diabetes.



E-I used to hate the word diabetic when I was younger. Now that I am older and wiser, wink wink, I actually prefer to be called a diabetic. It is part of who I am as much as what I do for a living or what I like to spend my time on. Plus I have been diabetic for over 20 years now. I respect what others want to be called, I think this is a personal thing for all of us with the D.

(E) I prefer Dino

E i am DOMO - diabetically orchestrated monster organ.

For me, food is diabetic; people have diabetes.

(D) Just don’t feel sorry for me when you say it…

Yup…agree with Dino. Prefer to be called Teena… Having diabetes is just an insy winsy part of me.

Hmm, I’ve never given this any thought, but then I don’t really tell anyone, except those who really need to know. It’s not that I’m ashamed, but I just feel most people don’t really care. However, if I ever start taking Insulin, I would probably tell some of my coworkers (in case I have an insulin reaction), so they would know what to do
I’ll have to get back to you … :slight_smile:

I have been living with Diabetes since 1966. People with cancer are not defined by there illness,neither should we. A person living with Diabetes.

Hi Joe - Thank you. You are so right…They don’t say oh he’s a canceratic.


this is an interesting topic, for sure! I really can’t stand hearing people call my daughter “diabetic”…it sounds so …I don’t know…labeled. She deals with diabetes. I have another perspective…I’ve dealt with breast cancer…I am not “canceretic”…I am a “survivor”…huh?..“diabetes survivor?”…I don’t know.

i prefer erin. or hey,babe, but if i have to i usually use dialectic. my husband and i like to screw with words so we change a lot of them. diabetic became dialectic, probably something that came out of my mouth when i was low.