Diabetes Podcast


I wanted to let you all know about a great diabetes podcast recorded by one of our most recent members (Kris Gainsforth). It’s called Late Night Diabetic and it’s published every Sunday:

Do you guys have any other diabetes podcasts you enjoy listening to that you would like to share?


Thanks for the plug. There’s plenty of podcasts out there on iTunes, blubrry, and the other podcast sites. Do other podcasts do different things that you guys like? I’m always trying to tweak mine.


I just listened to your podcast, Kris. Very nice!


Thanks. I’m just doing what I want to do, part is scripted, but the back half is just me. I want to get more people into calling so we can do some back and forth.


I just visited your tudiabetes Video podcast on You Tube. It, too, was enjoyable. I’m going to have to getting into visiting podcasts. Haven’t really done that up until now. I hope to find some more good Type 2 and general diabetes podcasts. Guess I’ll search Dr. Google for that.


Late Night Diabetic is LIVE this Sunday, 11PM EDT, 8PM PDT! Talkshoe.com


Here is this week’s:


Great! I shared it on my “myType2” blog. http://mytype2.blogspot.com/2007/08/this-weeks-tudiabetes-video-update.html


Just bought myself a microphone and headset today. Maybe I’ll be able to catch your podcast live another time.


Loved the podcast. Just heard it! Thanks for the mention, Kris! YOU ROCK!!


Wanted to let everyone know we have a new member who also has a diabetes podcast: Charlie Cherry runs DiabetesPowerShow.com. Welcome aboard, Charlie!