Diabetes Search Engine Funds Cure Trial

I wanted to share this information with the community, since we have partnered with DiabetesDaily.com and Bernard Farrell (the creator of the Diabetes Search Engine, author of the Diabetes Technology Blog and a dear member of TuDiabetes), to give more exposure to this project AND to help fund Dr. Faustman’s work.

If you do a search using the search box on the home page as indicated in the image below and click on any of the sponsored links in the results page, you will be making a contribution to Dr. Faustman’s work, as explained in the press release below.

Please help spread the word about this great initiative!

DiabetesWebSearch.com is funding a clinical trial to test a type 1 diabetes cure.

Cleveland, OH (DIABETESMEDIA) September 5, 2008 – DiabetesWebSearch.com is answering tough diabetes questions while funding the only clinical trial to cure type 1 diabetes.

The trial, conducted by Dr. Denise Faustman’s Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital, is a follow-up to the landmark study that permanently cured diabetic mice for the first time. They are testing their technique in humans with type 1 diabetes. (Watch Dr. Faustman explain how the diabetes cure works.)

Dr. Faustman points to DiabetesWebSearch.com as helpful addition to her work: “My colleagues and I appreciate the support DiabetesWebSearch.com will provide for the clinical trial.”

DiabetesWebSearch.com is the result of a partnership between Bernard Farrell, DiabetesDaily.com and TuDiabetes.com. The project started in mid-2007, when Bernard Farrell launched the Diabetes Search Engine. Farrell is a software developer and a leading voice in the diabetes community through his Diabetes Technology Blog.

Farrell was moved to support Dr. Faustman’s research after learning that it was completely self-funded. Because the potential cure uses approved, patent-free drugs, the lab cannot get funding from pharmaceutical companies. Although phase 1 of the clinical trial is fully funded, Dr. Faustman will need $25 million to complete phase 2.

With collaboration from other diabetics, Farrell has added more than 1,200 sites about diabetes to the Search Engine, making it one of the most comprehensive resources about diabetes. “If you have any questions about diabetes you’ll get the answers through the Diabetes Search Engine,” said Farrell.

When someone clicks on a sponsored ad that appears alongside the results of a search on DiabetesWebSearch.com, a contribution is made to Dr. Faustman’s research. “We have entered a new era of grassroots activism where patients can directly fund research to improve their own lives. With each search, we are purchasing a small stake in an eventual cure for diabetes,” indicated David Edelman, founder of DiabetesDaily.com.

Besides helping fund Dr. Faustman’s research, the Diabetes Search Engine empowers patients with access to resources that they would typically not have access to. “When you search for diabetes information on the web, you can get overwhelmed quite easily. Through this project, we hope to make the best resources easier to find for the patient looking for answers,” commented Manny Hernandez, founder of TuDiabetes.com.

The Diabetes Web Search can be found on Bernard’s Diabetes Technology Blog, on the home page of DiabetesDaily.com and TuDiabetes.com and in many other diabetes blogs and web sites. You can add the Diabetes Web Search box to your site, by visiting DiabetesWebSearch.com.

About Bernard Farrell:
Bernard Farrell was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1972. He controls his diabetes with an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. Bernard is a software architect who specializes in user experience. This helps him when suggesting changes to diabetes devices that make them easier to use. He is a long-time diabetes advocate and part-time consultant for companies developing diabetes technology.

About DiabetesDaily.com:
DiabetesDaily.com was founded in December 2005 by David and Elizabeth Edelman, shortly after she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Their mission is to provide free education and friendly support to everyone touched by diabetes.

About TuDiabetes.com:
TuDiabetes.com was founded in March 2007 by Manny Hernandez, a Social Entrepreneur and Community Strategist who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in late 2002. TuDiabetes.com is operated by the Diabetes Hands Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to provide an open space for people touched by diabetes to connect with others in pursuit of a healthy life through support, information and creative expression. For information about the Diabetes Hands Foundation, visit: DiabetesHandsFoundation.org.

Manny this sounds great but what I am wondering is that… ok if they are searching for a cure for type 1 diabetes why not type 2 as well, since I am a type 2 diabetic I would like to have them find a cure for that as well so this disease does not effect any more people like me as well…Yes there are times that I wish I never had this disease in the first place…Yes I am doing it by diet and exercise alone and testing my BS but it is still very fustrating as well…Thanks for letting me post this on here.

You make a very good point, Karen!

What I can say is we will support initiatives that are behind a cure for type 2. Please DO let me know about any work you learn about in this area.

HI there Manny I will that is all I do is read and read till my eyes get tired yes there is so much to learn about this disease how to find a cure for myself and to not have this disease and try to stay away from insulin and pumps and pills and anything else that my DR wants to put me on…I just want to have cure found so no one will suffer with this disease.

First if you happen to be a Denver Broncos fan, you will know that there star quarterback, Jay Cutler, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes late last year. Astonishingly, he had to lose 35 pounds and complain of constant fatigue over several months before they figured it out. I guess maybe I just thought pro athletes being paid millions of dollars would have a team of doctors taking care of them constantly. I think maybe they still do, which means the average person really needs to watch out for themselves and their symptoms of any health disease. In any case, whether you like football or not, an extra cheer for Jay to do well, will help bring the disease and its role in our society into a higher light, along with everything else going on.

Secondly, as far as type II, I know there are a lot of clinical trials and research going into Type II. Probably more so than Type I, especially if alarmingly there is only one going on. Maybe its just one going on seeking a cure vs. treatment. www.clinicaltrials.gov is a good site to go to if you are curious as to what kind of clinical trials are going on.


The main reason I’m supporting Dr. Faustman with this tool is because I have type 1 diabetes. All forms of diabetes are terrible chronic diseases, but there’s very little real research into a cure for type 1.

The search engine returns information for all types of diabetes, but right now the funds raised are only going to support Dr. Faustman.

Can I ask that people only click on advertisements if they are actually interested in the product being advertised?

I think this search facility provides really useful information and I’d love it if more people knew about it and used it. But I don’t feel comfortable with people clicking the ads just to support Dr. Faustman.

If you’d like to support her directly, I know they’d welcome even a $5 contribution, and even small donations add up.

Indeed there is a study on that web site (thanks for posting it) that is studying Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass(DJB) as a potential cure for Type 2 Diabetes.

There is a cure for diabetes but it’s not economically feasable for the medical, insurance, and pharmeceutical industries. That’s basically the same reason why research is done to increase the production of medicines that keep us alive but sick with diabetes and other deseases. Just imagine what will happen if there was a cure for diabetes. What will happen to the business of the development of insulin, insulin pumps, glucose monitoring devices, lancets, syringes, diabetic drugs, and all the other medicines to treat the diabetes complications? What will happen to all the insurance companies that charge us ridiculous amounts of money for medicine and treatment with these drugs? I am conviced that many will go out of business. So that’s why I am very suspicious of the whole concept of reasearch for the cure of diabetes and many other deseases as well.

I’m a little confused. I use the search engine often (and appreciate it GREATLY!!!), but I never noticed ads. Where do these appear? Are they separate from the links? Do they come up after every search?


Hopefully the insurance companies will find other ways to make money off of us. It sounds like the process for this possible cure will take time and long-term exposure to medications, which cost money and the continued need for health care. The businesses that make money from supplies can switch to selling the new drugs and procedures. Everybody wins!

Thanks for replying. I believe that health should not be a business issue. That’s precisely why only the people that can afford to pay for medicine an insurance can get the best medical treatments . That in my opinion is not particularly correct.