Diabetes Service Dog


Thanks Etta V…I have forwarded this page to my friend …we were talking about service dogs the other day ; she has a 12 year old son , pumper for 6 years . PS I often have difficulty listening to a video …maybe I need to do something with the settings ?

You’re welcome, nel.

I’m afraid you’re on your own with the audio question, sorry!

too bad in my area they don’t have that kind of thing to train my dog. he’s woken me up a couple times from a high blood sugar, so who knows.

My current dog does not alert to lows, but my previous dog, a German Shepherd, Riba, RIP, would start barking and getting otherwise inexplicably restless and alert my wife sometimes.

I’m actually thinking about trying a dog myself, as my CGMS system has not been accurate/reliable enough to prevent severe hypo episodes, esp. in the last six months. The only thing stopping me is that I don’t know how my current, non-service dog would respond to having another one in the house - I think he might be problematically jealous/dominant, though hopefully we could choose the right dog to be either completely nonthreatening or clearly dominant and thereby avoid any conflict. (So it looks like I need a Dachshund or a Dogue de Bordeaux…)