Diabetes, Sex, and Life

I don’t know if it is me, or not, but how many of you have a sex drive? I have other ailments beside type 1, such as: hypothyroidism, menopause, ptsd, and mthr. I have been in long standing relationships, but with these elements my sex drive from when I was younger has gone down.

I know I work full-time and go to grad school, but does stress play a role in everything in our bodies. How can you really relax when there is soo much on your plate. You worry about the levels of your sugar and why they go up amd down. You get nervous when you go for the three month check of your hba1c and are praying that is below 7.0.

Why as diabetes we have so much to focus on that we can hardly focus on just enjoying life. Diabetes to some is a curse, but I think for me it is a tool for me to stay on track. I have to be so anal retentive on my health that the doctor has stated that I am the most control. Yeah control freak of health.

During the holidays is stressful to some, but to me it is a time to “Thank God”, and be glad I am here on earth. This year, I have fell on my knee cap, had swine flu, gout in my knee cap, and had a scary diagnosis of bone cancer. Well, after finding out that I had bone cancer, I had to go see a cancer and blood doctor. I had tests done, tubes of blood drawn, and feeling tired as hell. The end result is: no bone or colon cancer, waiting for results from breast cancer test, and that I have a blood clotting disorder. Life is good, keeping positive, and glad for all my friends and family.

There’s a plus side to having D it’s makes us more aware of our health. Having had D most of my life has probably saved my life at times…and I am thankful.

Hypothyroidism & menopause sure can effect sex drive, as well as high BG.

Thank heavens for no bone or colon cancer!