Diabetes, Statins & Ateronon

Thanks for your comments on use of Statins and wether to take. My LDL cholesterol is 3.4 and unsure if this is good or bad. Overall is 5.0. I live in UK and local health service over stretched so little time for doc to run through what these figures mean only to give me results and says i need to start statins. If someone can convert what these figures mean i would appreciate. There is an apparant wonder supplement (i know we here of them regularly) called Ateronon that has just become available in England and was discovered by Cambridge university. Its use is to reduce LDL cholesterol and has no known side effects. The initial trials were very good but more are currently being carried out in US.

Not sure if this is correct, but I read on a website that 3.4 is 130 in US terms. And the site also says to aim below 130, so it looks like you’re right on the borderline.

As a type 1, we are considered “very high risk of heart disease” which means we should aim for LDL levels below 70 (or 1.8)

Overall: Below 200 mg/dL or Below 5.2 mmol/L is Desirable
This is according to the MayoClinic website.

Dude, 77 is great. Great job!
(no, I don’t want to hear about which medication you took to bring it down so well)