Cholesterol - ask your doctor to check particle size before going on a statin

I am in shape, have low body fat and a low BMI, but I have a family history of heart disease and a personal history of elevated cholesterol. A doctor who just goes by the numbers would try to get me on a statin ASAP. My numbers:

Total Cholesterol: 247
Triglycerides: 41
HDL: 94
LDL: 145

My endo agreed to have the LDL particle size tested. My results show I don't have any issues with small LDL, which is currently considered the actual risk factor for heart disease. The standard range is <528 nmol/L. My value is <90 nmol/L. My doctor was very happy to see this and felt no need to discuss statins.

All of this is to say, if your doc is on you about a high LDL number, ask to have the particle size tested. It might give you both some peace of mind or it might tell you there is cause for concern. Either way, knowledge is power.

You have a very enlightened doctor and your point is spot on. There is so much misinformation and the conventional wisdom is that a high overall cholesterol number is "bad" and a predictor of heart disease, when in fact, there is little correlation between the two. The more significant data points are particle size, inflammation, HDL and triglycerides - and your values are outstanding. In fact, the ratio of HDL/Triglycerides is a much better predictor if risk, and it is good if the value is under 2. Yours is 41/94=0.43 - Wow! Congratulations!

Statins are getting pushed on everyone because the medical community is getting lazy and not taking the time to do the deeper analysis, and because they are often just taking the pharmaceutical spin at face value. Statins have their place, but sadly for many people that are getting them prescribed, they are completely unnecessary and the risks can include insulin resistance and T2.

Thanks Christopher. She is great. I'm glad I knew to ask for the additional testing and very happy she agreed.