Diabetes Supplies Art contest: Final Week Winners!

So, here they are: the winners of the final week of the Diabetes Supplies Art contest:

  1. Let’s Go Shopping, by Terence:

and 2) The Attack of the Syringes, by Ashish:

A very close third that we wanted to acknowledge was Needleman by Sugarrbabie05:

Congrats to ALL the winners and thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the course of August, to make this contest the success it was.

In the coming weeks we will be working on producing awareness materials around the submissions, to help accomplish our goal of raising diabetes awareness. Stay on the lookout for that AND in the meantime, you can participate in the Word In Your Hand contest during September!

Congrats to this week’s winners! Great submissions, all!

I’m first place this week?! I’m honored!

You are, man! :slight_smile:

Please send me an email to manny AT tudiabetes DOT org for details.