Art made with diabetes supplies. Share it here!

Art created using diabetes supplies: insulin syringes, insulin pump infusion sets, blood sugar test strips, insulin vials, etc.

just now I was trying to start a group:Art& Diabetes,fill information but would not be accepted,now I know why.who else but you Manny who can start all beautiful things on this site,

but my idea is a little bit different,I like to see poeple with diabetes to bring out any artistic tendencies or if they are artistic to develop it and art can decrease depression ( it cured me),takes mind of worries that some diabetics face and connect people together,then comes the part of using art for speaking for diabetics and be their voice,and to help charity.
I started my first book ( arabic poems,romance& nostalgia with a poem about Raed,an 18 month old boy,and the book sold during world diabetes day2007 allover hospitals in Reyadh,money bought supplies for diabetic kids( strips and lancets have to be purchased by parets in most places).
yes art is healing ad poweful.It is a language understood by many.
IDF started many compitions for children,asked us to encourage them to write about diabetes,an adopted girl wrote very touching diary about her adoption and diabetes,

thanks Manny again.will you advertise this group in the main page please!

Yay! this is going to be so much fun. Can we submit the actual photograph as the art rather than the photo depicting the project?

That is a VERY powerful photo, guy! Thanks for submitting it.

If you are wondering whether the photo itself can be the art, I think guy right below has proved it to be possible. :slight_smile:

This is one of my favorite pictures. It has so much meaning to me... It's also one of the many many pictures I have posted on my Flickr site :-)

OK I got the eMAIL…can U tell…lol

…so I played robot and followed the link to C what it was about. My PHOTO…seen with my posts is one I did for another site a couple months ago, not for any contest… but I thought it was cute. Every morning I am greeted with a smile when I grab a fresh syringe for my morning lantus…(I re-use it for my evening lantus)…

Now I am gonna do it up a bit…WHY…for this contest of course. I like a little humor, don’t need to be reminded of what reminds me of PAIN, like nearly a days worth of needles sticking out of my leg…nice photo though.

As Arnie might say I WILL BE BACK…


If you want, you can click on the white icon to the extreme right of the “Add a Comment” box to attach a file that can be any size you want, Carol.

(low bg treatment is considered "supplies", right?)

These are AMAZING!!!

Well I said I would submit a pix........ I had to reload my mug so I stuck (puntended) my Humalog pen in it for the photo..At least I am greeted every morning to start the day with a smile, reguardless of how I feel.

So here is GOMER’s simple living art

this is 6 months of test strips. ive been diabetic for 115 months! haha

I live in Mexico and see shrines everywhere - generally to the Virgin or containing Day of the Dead figures. I was on Byetta (aka Lizard Spit) for 5 months. A few days before my doctor’s appointment a lizard visited my house. We later decided it was a bit of an omen as the doctor took me off Byetta. I decided to dedicate a shrine to the lizard and the lizard spit that changed my life after being diagnosed with Type 2 last September.

That is a very cool concept! The symbolism is very powerful.