Diabetes Surgery Summit Issues Call to Use Bariatric Surgery as a Type 2 Treatment

"Fifty science and medical diabetes experts, representing 22 international organizations*, have issued a consensus statement that calls for bariatric surgery to be used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. The statement, published online November 23 in the Annals of Surgery, is seen by attendees at the recent Diabetes Surgery Summit in Rome as the precursor to the establishment of a new medical discipline, “diabetes surgery.”…Read more on DiabetesHealth.com

I am deeply disappointed by this announcement and the recommendations by this group. Bariatric surgery, although a tool to losing weight and gaining some sort of health control, is still the last recourse to most people who want to lose weight. There is a very rigorous and definitive procedure to go through before you can qualify for it. Some insurance companies will still not pay for the surgery. Regardless of these reasons, the success rate depends highly on the motivation of the individual, many gain their weight back after only a year following surgery, many have other health complications, and still others have psychological and emotional issues after surgery resulting from so many changes in their bodies. My fear is that many diabetics and docs will take this as gospel and not investigate other, less invasive measures before exhausting all and go for surgery right away. The wrong doc can recommend the wrong patient for this treatment with dire consequences for all.