Diabetes timeline

I remember U40 was orange and U80 was green. You had to match the bottle on the insulin cap with the color on the disposable syringe. This assure you that you were giving yourself the correct dose.

I remember when I took a shower. I would stand there with my mouth open and drank and drank the warm water to try to quench my thirst. Then I would have to run like hell to make it to the toilet to pee. One time I was so thirsty I asked my dad for a sip of beer ( I love it) and nearly drank the entire can…

Aw Danny Im happy to. Thanks for starting the thread. Hahaha! I noticed the forearm issues too! =^)

It is nice to know there were others. We had a diabetic camp I went to a weekend or two, but the Endo dropped me got lack of control and so after the second or third time I was done and the only PWD I knew. In my late teens I had a chance meeting with a diabetic and taught her how to shoot under the table in public. I actually was re-acquainted with her recently and she was telling me of the memory.

No more drinking for me these days. The Optho said no blood thinners so C’est La Vie! I have tried a drink of two here or there. And I have this huge bottle of Vox vodka in my kitchen that seems to look at me each time I walk in there. Its been about 2 years now and I havent opened it yet. =^) I figure my liver had its fill. I finished my run putting down a liter of stoli one night - figured i was done. I think when I get older Im going to turn into a low ball drinker though. Ha! The funniest part is I still hand out at a local bar with friends from time to time and just drink diet coke.

Dargirl, Enjoyed reading your timeline, It all sounds so familiar, I, like you in the early days only truly knew my BS only 3 or 4 times a year, sometimes now I know my BS 3 or 4 times in one afternoon. A lot has changed in Diabetes treatment since the '70’s. I think that I read the same little book while in the hospital that you did along with the daily visits from the nutritionist. Do you remember how sore your fingertips were from the lab tech sticking you with that triangular shaped lancet (small sword)? When I was first diagnosed I only knew of two other kids that had D. No camps, no info, just me and my immediate family taking shots and hoping for the best. Take care. John

Hi - Being a total Newb… What is the Tag method as opposed to bolusing for Carbs. And furthermore what does it mean when people say they inject on a sliding scale. THANKS!!

Oh so basically if a meal is 30 carbs 3 protein and 4 fat… you should bolus for 37 carbs not 30? Is that my correct understanding? Or do you do 37 as an extended? Thanks … And what does a “sliding scale” mean when dosing insulin.

A sliding scale was utilized when you had to do a correction in the early years of glucose meters. Now it is typically referred to as a correction bolus. Example: If your BS was 200 and fell in within a listed range you would take X amounts of units according to the scale that the Dr. prescribed to you.

I like this!

Around Feb 2010 I was urinating and thirsty all the time. And just felt “off”. Had my normal physicaly around memorial day but decided to move it up to the end of March instead as I just felt weird. Fasting BG of 215 and A1C of 8.5. Was on Lantus and Novolog March 2010-June 2010 then Started on the Omnipod and Dexcom in June 2010

All the blood work that I had done during the onset/DKA was done intraveneous. We did not have finger stick in the early 70’s.

I do remember the early lancets. Ouch! Your right they were like swords.

I tried googling the UpJohn book on line to contribute to Danny’s historical page. I could not find it.

I only knew of one person that had J-diabetes, a friend of a family member. She was a few years older than me. Unfortunately she passed away at the age of 30 due to diabetic complications. I often wonder if I would have a similar outcome. Thank goodness. I had to be self taught, seek out information and just be lucky.

I could not afford to go every 3 months. The insurance was over a $1000 deductable. Trying to raise a new family. You could purchase insulin from the pharmacy without a prescription. I took my insulin every day. I used the skills that I learned at Dr. Skylar’s clinic at U of M. Survival Baby! Survival!

I remember being so hurt by his reaction. I felt hopeless when he refused me. I wanted to do things better and I just got up off the table and went to my car and cried. He felt that I was not able to self managment without seeing him on a regular basis. F him.

It is a similar story for many people today. No insurance, No money for care. It concerns me.

Ok I will redirect these frustations to a differant conversation.

I have a Dr. who kicked me out for the same reason. He was highly rated as one of the best T1 Endos in the city. He had a regiment that I wasnt fallowing as am 11 year old so he would yell at me. He didnt like that cause I was at an A1c 0f 8.5. So instead of helping me, he dropped us rather rudely. I saw him years later at the hospital with newborn. All I could do was curse (at) him.

Those are very low numbers for diagnosis of Type 1. Glad you caught it so early!

1994 - 12 yrs old dx’ed with t1 diabetes after losing 15 lbs in 3 weeks and drinking anything like it was going out of style, not enough bathroom time in the day and after going to the doc’s office where the bg was too high to read was sent to ER when BG was mesured over 900 mg/dl was then transfered to the childrens hospital in atlanta where I spent 7 days 3 in the ICU and 4 in the regular ward. Mom cried for most of that week she was sure she caused it. Twin sister dx’ed with t1 diabetes 3 weeks later with bg at 300 mg/dl

1995 - Passed out from low bg when lunch was late at school due to grade testing. trip to the ER compliments of the ambulance and an over night stay in the hospital because of the hit my head took when I hit the ground. but teacher did learn never change my lunch time. lol

1996 - Convinced mom to lay off the total control thing and took over most of my own diabetes care. very proud day for me!!

1998 - High school baby!! whole new world of diabetes care more on me and less of school nurse leaving more room for error on my part thus causing a major low during P.E thus causing yet the most embarassing moment of my high school life at the time with another trip to the ER, mom went to school and had a fit over my diabetes care as I told them i was low and the teacher just shrugged it off thus mom made major changes to my 504 plan to ensure my safety as well as my sisters while at school.

2001 - Graduate highschool and moved on to the big leauges in college mom freaking out that sis and I would be 400 miles away we had to go to same college or go to college at home so same college it was!! ohh yeah and first pump!!! freedom at last!! went to college on full ride soccer scolarship.

2002 - First college party with drinks ='s bad idea for me especially when I kept the diabetes on the down low but when EMS was called to what they thought was a drunk college kid who passed out all my friends found out I was diabetic. thus came lots of diabetes police. Rock climbing accident resulting in multiple injuries including head injury causing seizures for rest of life.

2003 - Recived my paramedic cert. as well as my assoc. in fire science. and started practicing full time medic/firefighter

2004 - new pump and moved to NC but 6 months later moved back to GA near family and friends.

2005 - BG of 12 mg/dl caused by nausea and vomiting dx’ed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia started chemo and the fiht for life and good lord unprepared for the BG roller coster that was to come through out treatment.

2008 - given bone marrow transplant from twin sis and sent into remission. new pump 722 and CGM and new lease on life. back to college for my RN degree. My beautiful neice was born.

2009 - moved to NY but ended up hating it after 3 months so back to GA sister moved in with my neice and her and started teaching classes about diabetes related emergencies to officers on the road so they could help and give glucose instead of arrest for DUI when DUI is not the case.

now - Great A1C new pump the minimed revel with cgm, neice is 2 yrs old and dx’ed with t1 diabetes as well. graduated nursing nd started NP classes. very busy with work, school, neice, church, diabetes and anything else i can add into the mix. winning the diabetes war.

Mark, Great timeline, loved the ending, I will only be 90 and still driving, of course, when you pass, I hope my name is not included as the driver in your obit, that would really be a story. Thanks for sharing your history with us. I have really loved this discussion. Take care. John

Hi, What is a 504 form. Is this something that a parent has to provide if the school has to help a child with diabetes? I seen it referance in another discussion. I was in the last few months of my Senior Year in 1972 had nothing like a document.

Interesting your twin also? And only months apart?

Very cute on the ending paragraph and your future. Image all that you have been through and all you need to do is look both ways for the rest of your life. Great timeline. Thanks for sharing.

Wow Mark, it reads like a Hallmark Hall of Fame! Your a survivor for sure.

Thanks Danny.