Diabetes timeline

The other night I asked myself a very important question (in my head), If I were asked to summarize (highlight) my Diabetes since diagnosis, what would the key points be?

Below is my diabetes Timeline, it basically summarizes the ups & downs (highlights), different treatments and whatnot since my diagnosis. It’s kind of time consuming to reply to this discussion, but in my opinion it's really neat to see/read. I thought it would be helpful for many PWD to see what others have been through. Whether you are a newbie or from the "dark ages" of diabetes please share your Timeline, don’t be shy….


1984-I was diagnosed with "Juvenile Diabetes" (Type 1 Diabetes) at 12 years of age. I was in the hospital for one week.

Beef/Pork insulin for a few months

Urine testing for a few months

A1c 7.9

1985-I began using Humulin R and N insulin.

Blood sugar testing- comparing strips to colors on a vial in combination with a glucose monitor

Paramedics called to my house twice for A.M. Low blood sugars

1986-Hypoglycemia hits while I’m taking a nap in 4th hour 9th Grade English class. I

was rushed on a gurney down the hallway of my high school just as the

lunch bell rang! Embarrassing!

1990-First Diabetic Tattoo’s done! Ut oh!

1991-Began using L insulin as my long acting insulin (Combined with R)

1992-93- Began heavily using alcohol (and drugs).. I was a happy drunk ;) Read my

blogs for more.

1994-Testing blood sugars 6- 8 times a day

1998-Poor mans pump, I was taking 6-10 shots a day of insulin

2002-Pumping insulin! Minimed 508 along with the

Began using Novolog insulin

I was diagnosed with mild neuropathy and NPDR (Retinopathy)

I begin using Internet Diabetic message boards.

Purchased Dr. Richard Bernstein’s Diabetic Solutions

Quit drinking alcohol in excess (changed my life)

2006- Upgraded to the Minimed 515 Pump (still using the Silhouette infusion sets)

2007-Laser removal preformed on one of my poorly done Diabetic Tattoo’s

and covered up with another Diabetic Tattoo.

2010- CGM- Dexcom 7 Plus (This was a real diabetic game changer)

Using the TAG (Total Available Glucose) method (instead of bolusing for Carbohydrates alone)

Complications have stabilized if not reversed

A1c 5.7

my time line
March 26 07- my birthday! I turn 21, but the only drink i can consume is water and mountain dew
June 07- went to urgent care and they checked my sugar, 500, gave me a shot of lantus and sent me home with a prescription for pills, next day i can barely walk around walmart (i love shopping) while i wait for my prescription. Later that day i fall in and out of “sleep” even though i slept already and had inactive day, i get taken the ER they say i almost went into DKA, i stay in the hospital a few days and learn little bit from diabetes educator
Fall 07 - diabetes educator tells me she can’t give me anymore free insulin, i feel like my life line is taken way. I then discover https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php and life becomes a bit easier
winter 08- visit er couple times for high blood sugar, one women made a mean comment to me about going to er for that, basically she wondered why i bothered (in other words why get myself like this, but she was lot meaner about it). I felt even more helpless and confused.
Spring 08 - i star working 3rd shift and some how my sleep and eating get majorly messed up because i tried to keep up with my friends. I think my a1c was 8 around this time. I then meet my soon to be husband, consume all his chicken nuggets because i was low. Unfortunately i continue the habit of self medication
Spring 09- husband leaves for boot camp, my depression begins, usually stop taking medicine and lose weight. The couple times i tried to keep a good blood sugar log fell on deaf ears because it wasn’t enough. One doc wanted to get me off humalog all together… crazy women
Presently-things aren’t great my a1c is 11, my motivation is blah, and feel like i’m starting all over again. My sleep still sucks and it interferes with everything.

Mine is pretty boring, but I think that is a good sign for most of us! :slight_smile:

1998 - Diagnosed at age 11, in the hospital for 3 days, A1c 12.3, started on NPH, R, and Humolog, checking blood with Bayer Elite meter.

2000 - Started pumping, Minimed 508,

started using a freestyle meter sometime after this, A1cs were pretty consistent, in the 6s throughout high school.

2004ish - upgraded pump to Minimed 515 pump

2005 - started university, A1cs climbed up to the low 8s

(sometime in here upgraded to Minimed 522)

2007 - Studied abroad in Austria and my A1c dropped to the 7s!!! (Kinda of opposite of what I expected, being in Europe and all)

2009 - March, started using Minimed Real-time sensor. Had a disagreeable experience to say the least, YET my A1c dropped from 7.3 to 6.4 in the first 3 months of using it. Graduated from university in December.

2010 - started working at my endocrinologists office, switched to the Dexcom 7plus, A1c to 5.9!! Lost 20 pounds, which resulted in many kinked canulas because of too much muscle/too little fat on my usual sites…(ironic, huh…)

Present day - A badly kinked canula, large ketones, and dry heaving on the side of the road, was the limit for me and I decided to take a pump break and give Lantus and Humolog a try. Also, decided to go back to school this fall to get my degree in nutrition to be an RN and eventually a CDE! :slight_smile:

1991 - Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 9, spent four days in the hospital; no idea what my blood sugar was.
Started on one shot of NPH per day for first three weeks (with horrible, constantly extremely high blood sugars!), then two shots a day of R + NPH.
Experienced one of my lowest blood sugar readings of 1.2 mmol/L (21 mg/dl) about two months after diagnosis, and felt perfectly fine.
My honeymoon period lasted about two months (at its peak I was taking only 8 units a day for a few weeks).

1992 - Experienced my first severe low at home, the one and only low that has ever caused me to vomit (I’m guessing my body was still able to release glucagon pretty well which may have caused the vomitting).

1995 - Got my second glucose meter, a Glucometer Dex, at a JDRF walk.
Most of my A1c’s on two shots a day were 6.5 - 7.5 (I also had a LOT of lows).
I’m considered to have hypoglycemia unawareness.

1996 - Experienced a severe low where I collapsed while getting lunch from my locker at school (grade nine) in front of all my friends; this scared and embarrassed me enough that it convinced me to carry glucose with me everywhere.

1998 - Experienced a severe low where my parents could not get me to wake up on Christmas morning.
Replaced R insulin with the newly-available Humalog, still two shots a day.
Was introduced to the insulin pen as an alternative to syringes.

2000 - Switched from a pediatric to an adult endocrinologist.
Took nearly full responsibility for my own diabetes care.
Started college and experienced my first A1c’s in the 8 range.
Switched from two to three shots a day (moved second NPH injection to bedtime).

2004 - Began to think that I should pay more attention to my diabetes, but didn’t really do anything about it.

2005 - Switched from three shots of Humalog and NPH daily to MDI with the newly-available Lantus.
Saw my A1c’s drop from the 8 to 7 range for the first time in five years.
Decided to look up some diabetes communities online for support.
Began doing shots in public rather than hiding in public washrooms.

2007 - Switched to a Cozmo insulin pump.
Saw A1c’s in the 6 range for the first time in ten years.

2008 - Experienced my lowest A1c ever at 6.4.

2009 - Go on a seven-day CGMS trail; most useful information and diabetes appointment I have ever had!

2010 - Experienced major diabetes burnout (there now).
Saw an A1c of 8.5; higher than it’s been in five years.
Deciding on my second pump and whether I want a CGMS.

My timeline is a little different so here goes. LOL
Moved back to California, lost my job (sleeping at work), getting divorced and didn’t want to drugs any more!!!
06/2008 Moved into my parents house and sleeping on couch. Asked for some help from above.
07/2008 Feeling like poop, so tried!!! Got a job interview and that morning I woke up and couldn’t see crud so fuzzy!!! On the way there started peeing a lot. LOL
08/2008 Outside smoking and feeling like death(I was), again ask for a little help cause I was feeling so bad!!! Thought pops in my head and it was very clear!!! "Check your blood sugar!!!) Well I did and that stupid meter didn’t give me a number, nope just that one screen over and over.Still so fresh ! HI, ! HI and with that off I go to the hospital.
08/03/2008 I tell them what was happening, peeing A LOT, blurry vision (almost blind), tongue like a DRY wash rag, can’t taste anything sweet, so tried and the meter reading. Less than an hour later I’ve 2 Iv’s stuck in me and more tubes and wires than a cyborg LOL and in a bed in ICU.
Now comes the fun part the Dr. pulls back the curtain and say’s "The Endocrinologist has diagnosed you as type 1 diabetic and you’ll have to use insulin the rest of your life!!"
Oh, Fing great now I am a 52 year old man with type 1 diabetes.
At dx. I was DKA, bs of 672 and a1c of 13.8
08/2010 After using info from people here and other sites I have what I feel is good control.
LDL’s from 200+ to 80 and my last a1c 5.7 on MDI, Lantus and Novolog on my sliding scale. LOL

December 2004 - Random blood glucose test (my grandparents are testing theirs) after Mt. Dew = 220 in am… I don’t know yet that this is a problem, and nobody tells me.
September 2007 - Become pregnant with my son.
December 2007 - At this point have lost 25lbs during pregnancy due to ‘hyper-emesis’. I tell the doctors I am ‘flu-like tired’… am told I am just a woman pregnant with her first child.
February 2008 - My son is born a full 3 months early (2lb 2oz), no major complications, 3 days before my GTT is scheduled. I have been spilling ketones and glucose in urine tests since week 6 of the pregnancy. I recieve no blood tests and am re-hydrated (thank God!! that was euphoria)
April 2008 - My son comes home from the NICU!!
December 2009 - After multiple trips to the GP for help with recurrent infections, A zit-like thing on my hip (folliculitis) grows from hip to hip in 2 days. I return to GP for help, given antibiotics that don’t work, find out the infection is MRSA, can’t tolerate Rifampin… Spend 1 week in the hospital. Dx: Type 2 diabetes. Tx: Januvia, Actos, Metformin, Byetta (I’m 5 feet tall and 120lbs??, 27 years old) A1C = 8.5, Range from 380mg/dL - 50mg/dL - LOL, If blood glucose >200 sliding scale Humalog. First time I take a dose, I’m on the floor (5 units)
March 2010 - Things are settled down enough for me to start education classes with an Endocrinologist’s office. The educator takes one look at me and says "Oh, no honey. You aren’t type 2, you’re type 1. You’d best pay attention to the insulin portion of the classes. The next week, I see the endocrinologist and am on Lantus (3 units) and Humalog (1:20)
June 2010 - Began insulin pump (animus) ISF: 50, Basal: 0.125u/hour, I:C = 1:20. Next A1C = 6.4
July 2010 - Dexcom 7 CGMS - Now I can see why I’m so crazy!!! My sczisophrenic Pancreas!!! I change my basal rate according to colds and hormones now (0.125 - 0.175)… apparently female hormones are suppressed with the onset of diabetes and now they’re coming back with a vengance!!! Menopause?? Looks kinda like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: A1C: 6.7… I’m not as careful as I used to be, even with the sensor, to avoid lows.

Interesting project, Danny! Hmm…

1992 – Finished Master’s degree, defending and writing thesis in “record time”, moved out of apartment and into a dorm to start PhD at big-time U. Started noticing increasing tiredness and thirst.

1993 – Tiredness increasing, frequent urination, coffee cup filled with water glued to palm of hand. Diabetes diagnosis 3/22/1993, age 26 w/10.0 A1c and 466 random bg. Fasting is 195, so is below 200 and “don’t need insulin – isn’t that great?” Ask which type, told by endocrinologist with student health center, “Type 1, but you don’t need insulin” despite loss of 40 lbs over 6 weeks without trying. Down to 98 lbs. Left big-time U, since the months of undiagnosed diabetes and weeks of poorly treated diabetes left me unable to think clearly.

1994 – Weight (somewhat) stable at 94 lbs, diabetes still being managed with 1500 calorie diet (60% carb, 20% fat, 20% protein) and exercise, still no insulin. Told by family physician am type 2, despite on-going post-prandial bgs in the 200s. Told not to test after eating, because “Why punish yourself?”

1995 – Weight drops down to 88 lbs. Ask family dr about gaining weight, advice: “Just eat more!” Given 1800 calorie diet (50% carb, 30% fat, 20% protein) and told to follow. When ask if should test more frequently, told, “You can, but I don’t see how it will do any good. Waste of time and money.” Will take 10 years to get up to 100 lbs. Food and weight start becoming an issue and start occassionally withholding food.

1998 – Noticing that bgs are not responding to exercise as well as before and fastings are slowly creeping up. Weight at 95 lbs. Doctor unconcerned, as A1c is within target.

2001 – Start working with family business, up to 18 hrs/day. Diabetes plays a secondary role.

2005 – Decide to try to go back to graduate school, take GRE (General: 1150; Psych: 720). Interview, apply and am accepted at yet another big time U PhD program.

2006/2007 – Weight: 104 lbs. Start school, start having sinus infections and have fellow student ask frequently “Are you sure you’re ok?” When fall asleep and miss class, schedule appointment with “diabetes doc” at student health center. A1c: 8%, fasting bg: 170. Doc decides to start metformin, despite request that I want no drug that will cause weight loss. When ask why metformin, told, “You’re a type 2 and you’re insulin resistant.” When ask how he knew since an A1c could not possibly tell him that information, told “Everyone is insulin resistant!!! Don’t argue with me or I will send you to expensive specialist and he will tell you the same thing!!!” Request for c-peptide denied and made to feel guilty for not deliberately exercising for 1 hr/day everyday, though because of lack of car, must walk everywhere, including to the grocery store. Start metformin ER, causes immediate gastrointestinal upset and appetite loss. Quickly drop 10+ lbs (most of which I still have not regained). Fasting bgs improve, but post-prandials can go as high as 300+ for 3 or more hours after a meal. CDE claims all this is a sign of insulin resistance and will probably be prescribed a TZD next. Met with dietitian, who encourages change in diet and to drop some carbs, replacing them with either fat or protein.

2008 – Despite compliance with medication and getting more exercise, bgs stubbornly will not come down. Find new doctor, who, unlike previous doctor, trusts the computer-generated bg data (all downloaded from my meter) and agrees that a standard deviation of 50 mg/dl is not good. Adds Lantus to metformin, which does nothing for post-prandials (go figure!), but does give nearly daily fasting lows – even when only taking 2 units/day instead of the 10 units was told to take. Finally get c-peptide and, lo and behold, insulin production is below normal. Sent to CDE for Humalog induction, but CDE would not create an insulin regimen for me because, “I can’t figure out an insulin:carb ratio that would work for you beyond 1:50”, so CDE’s boss insists – yells – that I need (yes, believe it) Byetta and a low-carb diet (for someone who barely weighs 94 lbs on a good day??). When won’t give in, CDE makes appointment with endo, who, upon looking at my chart and listening to my tale, says, “Why the H*** didn’t they start you on insulin back in 1993? Even at that time, that was the common practice, and there really isn’t any difference between a 195 and a 200, even with a lab test.” Changes diagnosis to type 1, sees evidence of extreme insulin sensitivity, so am told to stop taking metformin immediately and to start injecting Humalog that night at a ratio of 1:50 with a correction of 1:200 if necessary. I watch bgs carefully over the next month as the metformin leaves my system and gradually change the ratio from 1:50 to 1:15. Have lows, but the post-prandial highs are no longer an issue. Found some evidence of very mild peripherial neuropathy in feet.

2010 – Still having lows, especially at breakfast. Finally start getting some fine-tuning on my self-determined insulin:carb ratios. Have changed to 1:19-1:20 for breakfast and 1:19 for lunches. Smile every time I think about the student health center doc and how very wrong he was – hmm, guess a PhD student can be as smart as an MD. Peripheral neuropathy is still present, but not as much as it was earlier. Last A1c: 5.8. Weight: 91 lbs on my scale at home.

I’m finding this thread very interesting! Thanks for starting it. :slight_smile:

Really cool topic! I know that things have changed a lot since I was diagnosed, and I was just thinking the other day about what it must have been like for people with D longer than me. Your post is very interesting!

1993 - Dx @ 16 in dka lost 30 lbs. bg ~1300. Hospital for 5 days.
Learned to check urine glucose/ketones using what looked like a chemistry set.
Regular and NPH, Accucheck Meter (120 sec to test).
I got to skip my sophomore year mid-terms! But I had to reschedule my drivers test (boo)

1994 - One touch two meter (45 sec to test)
Took pretty good care of myself
Used D as an excuse many times to get out of school stuff…

1995-1999 is all a blur. I didn’t really take very good care of myself…

2000 - Humalog and MDI in bid to improve control…could have done better

2001 - Lantus = better than NPH!

2004 - InDuo pen/meter

2005 - First MM 715 pump! 9mm quick-set.

2007 - Lost weight, switched to 6mm quick-set

2008 - Went on a pump vacation but was rusty on MDI. Accidentally took my lantus dose (40u) of humalog! Ate about 4 cups of sugar but bg continued to drop…stopped by the ER for a few hours…stopped taking pump vacations…

2009 - MM 722 with CGM! Running became a whole lot better!!!

May, June and July 2009 - Admitted to hospital with astham exacerbations, high dose steroids, and 13 night admission in July for bilateral pneumonia, thoracic surgery for biopsy and to clean out infection, checst tube. High dose steroids and weaning for the next 4 months. Diagnosed at that admission with A1C of 6.9% (so early diagnosis) but BG’s in the 300’s. Diagnosed as T2, put on metformin, Byetta and eventually Apidra for meal coverage

11/2009 - off the steroids, loosing weight (never gained any weight on the steroids, weird), high BG persist, but controllable on the same regimen

4/2010 - total of 45 lb wieght loss, about 20 more to go to goal, BG controlled on meds and insulin. Introduced to NPH as a basal insulin as we are TTC so other meds are stopped and I am on NPH and Apidra. Still with a T2 diagnosis. A1C - 5.1%, with some lows. NPH isn’t working with the 13 hr shifts I work and with very unpredictable meal times if any at all. My endo discusses pumping with me.

5/2010 - started pumping with MM 723 and loving it. Very low TDD of 15-20 units.

6/2010 - CGM added to the mix (MM).

8/2010 - last A1C 2 months pumping is 5.7%. very few lows and not severe ones. Still TTC. Loving pumping. Had labwork to see if the T2 diagnosis still holds versus T 1.5. Still on low TDD of 15-20 units.

So here is my story as a departure. I am diagnosed as a T2.

Mid 1990s - I probably started being diabetic here, gained 30lbs, being skinny all my life I was 200lbs at 5’11"

2002 - First fasting glucose tests failed, but no diagnosis

2003 - Diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

2004 - Quite smoking, finally.

2005 - Finally diagnosed with D. Exactly how many blown tests does it take. HbA1c 8%

2006 - On metformin, exercising and on the ADA diet. Down to 180lbs.
I made progress (hit 5.7% 6 months after diagnosis), but still did not reliably hit blood sugar targets.
Read Diabetes Solution, finally met blood sugar targets and kept 5.7%

2007 - Blood sugar started creeping up, HbA1c 6.4%. Stopped metformin, restarted metformin. Metformin appeared to not affect HbA1c. Started weightlifting.

2008 - Stopped metformin, restarted. Metformin still does not help, stopped metformin. Diet tightened up. Tried Byetta, no change. C-peptide test, low, but barely within reference range. Denied insulin by doctors.

2009 - Fully Bernstein 6-12-12, HbA1c 6%, constantly elevated fasting 120-130 mg/dl, but at least no postprandial rise. Start seeing new doctor, trying a stepwise increased medication, Metformin+Byetta, then Metformin+Byetta+Actos. Medications improve things for 2-3 weeks, then stop working. CTS returns with a vengence, also Ulnar and shoulder problems. Is it diabetes related?

2010 - HbA1c stable, pretty much at 6%, now at max on all medications. I’m now 195lbs, 15% bodyfat, pretty lean. GAD test negative. Does that mean I am T2? Who knows. CTS surgery a few weeks ago. Still denied insulin.

So I am at a stalemate. I may be able to hold my HbA1c at 6% for a little while longer, but I don’t really have any more room to tighten up anything. So I will continue my battle with the doctors.

Question for you… do you wake up in the middle of the night with half your ring finger and pinky finger asleep?

So do you have an Ulnar nerve problem as well? If I sleep with my arm bent I have problems. For a while there, in order to not have problems sleeping, I had to wear my wrist brace, not fold my arm, not sleep on my sides (shoulder problem) and not sleep on my back (my wife accused me of snoring). So I had to basically sleep on my stomach or in a standing position. I think she makes up the snoring thing, cause I don’t hear anything. I’m much better now.

L and UL insulin were discontinued a few years back, at least in North America.


October 1982 diagnosed as a T1. Just turned eight. I’m a libra by a day (September 23) according to some charts. One week in hospital. Lente and Regular pork insulin. Urine testing.

Ton’s of insulin reactions. Two 911 hospitalizations. I wanted to be dead. Who wants to be living dead or on deathwatch? Medicine made me afraid of death. That had never been in my mind. A very unnatural thing.

Blood testing didn’t come about till 1987 or thereabouts and I fought with my dad over it. I hardly ever fought with him. Late 80s I switched to human insulin. The courses of insulins are unknown (Ultralente, NPH, Lente). At sixteen I had ketoacidosis and nearly died, spent a month and a half incarcerated in psychiatric ward, was released into society at large. Started to give a . . . . took care of myself, exercised, checked blood sugar. 1993 I was open to the cruelties of being an adult without insurance (Why hadn’t I been born Canadian?).

Series of insulin research studies, indigent care, fighting for supplies. I was involved in the pre-Lantus studies, blood glucose watch, inhaled insulin.

In fall of 2003 I had an employer with consistent insurance for the first time. A year later I got a pump. A year later I dropped the pump due to cost issues. I prefer not being on a pump.

December 2009 I got fired. I am currently in research for a long-acting insulin. Just keep the contracts coming. I am finally living the good life. Who needs insurance? I am planning to rob a pharmacy to make a political statement and assert my diabetic being, ha ha. What can I say, I’m a masochist. I’ve loved every grueling moment.

Sept 20, 1967 - I show up with my mother at Children’s Hospital Wash DC not knowing why I’m there. The hospital receptionist greets me with , “oh, so this is the little girl with diabetes”. I still have anger about how I was told. I’m there for two weeks, and have my 13th birthday in the hospital. Put on U40 Lente, urine testing

gave up testing within a couple of years. Never had to call the paramedics - lucky I guess

April 30, 1979 - while on a business trip far from home, I fall in the bathtub and rupture my kidney. In the hospital for 4 months in excruciating pain. Saved most of my kidney function however. Think I’m now using Lente U100, but still no MDI

1985 - start seeing an endo, Dr Ball in Fairfax VA. start testing bgs, meter is as big as a brick. start correcting with Regular insulin, taking an ace-inhibitor.
1988- have my first retinal hemorrage while working for the Defense Dept. start laser treatments that afternoon
1988 - move to Orange County CA. met the best endo EVER, Art Charles. Start taking 2 shots a day, lente and regular combined, using sliding scale to correct highs. Continue laser with Dr. Jerry Sebag, another brilliant doctor.

1990 - get my first pump, Disetronic HTron. using Velosulin. spent one night in the hospital so they could wake me up every hour on the hour to test my bgs. Other eye hemorrages while doing my student teaching to get my credential. more laser with Sebag.
1995 - move to SanFrancisco, now covered by a HMO. no endo authorized, but I finally got them to agree I needed to see a retina specialist once a year.
1999-moved to Oklahoma. We refer to this period as “when we were abducted by aliens”. Take a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands, where I jump into the pool with my waterproof HTron, not knowing it had a crack near the battery compartment. Switch over to my extra HTron, and Disetronics next day air-ed me a second pump to Tortola. LOVE them!
somewhere here they stopped making Velosulin, switched to Humalog. still not carb counting.
2001- move to NJ, get a great internist Dr. Parikh, my type2 husband and I see him every 3 months together
2008-hormones done, my diabetes is changing, skin changing. HTron is phased out, get the replacement, Accu-chek Spirit. scar tissue is getting to be a big problem, one month I went through 21 infusion sets. looking for answers on the Internet, found TuDiabetes! get lots of help and loving support, learn to count carbs. best friend here is Saundra Barragan.
2009 Sandy dies early 2009. I make a personal vow to continue her work helping others here as she made such a huge difference in my life. Met my hero Manny and Andreina in SF Sept 2009. new endo Dr. Stas, Newton, NJ - love him.

I probably forgot a few things, but I’ve never been DKA, never hospitalized directly because of my d, never called 911. My a1c has been < 7 for over 3 years now, and they all say I’m doing pretty good considering.

this Peach’s time line :
Jan 1983 : typical symptoms , incl weight loss of 6 pounds in 5 days and saw GP within one week and told him my suspicion . Voided in a kidney basin ( threshold BG of 180 ) stick proved correct and Doc agreed : I had diabetes . Off to the Lab the next day; back to GP following Monday …result BG of 330 .Put on Glyburide and a weekly lab order . Numbers stayed over 200 for the next 5 weeks .I asked to be put on insulin .
March 1983. Hospitalized for 5 days to learn about insulin administering ( hm , the orange test !) , in service diabetes training and being observed . I learned I had ketones at some time .I had the privilege to continue my daily walks outside the hospital( I worked in the basement as a Dir. of Food Service :slight_smile: ) and report to the Hospital’s lab at 4 pm .Started out at 45 u of insulin ; third night after the amount being upped by a locum I had a low …bed soaking .
It was helpful to work closely with a RD in my job and got coached regularly.
Summer 1983 holiday by car and bicycles on the back …honeymoon time : only 2 u of insulin daily . I truly cannot recall the name of the insulin ; it was 1 shot daily .
Winter 1985 a belated real honeymoon to Hawaii …the numbers ( was I doing finger pokes and check colour on stick to colour on stick container by then ??) at dinner time not promising ; went to a Pharmacy on Maui , purchased more needles and started on 2 shots daily .Told my Endo , when I got back home and she congratulated me on taking the step , however needed to adjust the amounts .
Dec. 1984 mastectomy right side , followed by radiation treatments and a BIG wedding date on Groundhog day , Feb. 1985 !!
1985 or 19866 first glucometer at a cost of $ 275.00 …but strips soooo cheap
then :wink: .
By 1996 on MDI: Humulin R and lletin Lente ??? New Endo
1998 advocacy letter writing to our Provincial Government to make Lispro covered under the Pharmacare program ( as requested by my Endo ) …this took some time before this actually occurred . I started Lispro
1999 Moved to Interior …no Endo in my community . Had lots of lows and rebounds …I think I was using NPH and was advised to take more insulin ?? Hypo unawareness was recorded .
2000 met a pumper ;got more information on pumps via CDA contact and their library ; arranged for an app’t with previous Endo and process for insulin pump was set in motion .
Drivers licence was revoked for 3 weeks prior to proving , that I was getting a pump .
2001 Medtronic 508 , continued with Lispro( Humolog ) insulin.
A1C came down slowly and fewer lows
October 2002 NovoRapid instead of Lispro
2003 MM 511 .
2004 MM 512
2005 MM 515
2006 MM 522 , fall CGMS , upgraded summer 2007
Dec. 2006 wrist surgery and could keep pump attached !
2007 changed bolus on board from 4 to 3 hours . June 2007 : pump warranty expired …so far so good !!
Jan . 2009 new GP , who has lots of experience with gestational diabetes …but Tu friends : don’t get any ideas :slight_smile:
An important note, we have excellent Extended Health benefits and regardless of all the tools: it’s 24/7 !!

thanks for an inspiration for my late night blog post :slight_smile:

Danny got your message going to work on this.

In '82 when I started home bg testing, I did it by visually reading the strips. The docs who taught me how told me a meter that could read the strips was the size of an endtable. In retrospect I think they were exaggerating, but with those Chemstrips reading them visually was such a humongous leap forward from urine tests that I didn’t care if I had a meter or not.

It wasn’t until the late 80’s that I actually had a meter for reading the Chemstrips, it was the size of a hardback book and even after I got it I usually just read the strips visually. By then I knew exactly what 80 and 120 and 180 looked like and really didn’t need the help of a meter.

I’m assuming your A1c scale is different from North America, as 3.9 seem very low!