Diabetes Tree

Many exciting things are heading our way in 2013! Nikki is starting the year off by performing at the Caledonian Society's Burns Night dinner with her Scottish Highland Dance team, she is very excited! Amber graduates from high school (gulp) in May and as a graduation gift, I'm taking her to Scotland for 10 days!

I thought, before I start blogging (does anyone actually read these, do you think?) in the new year, I would do a posting or two about our Christmas season. Starting with our newest tradition - The Diabetes Tree. I am a Christmas fanatic! My girls tell me our house winds up looking like Whoville! I put up 5 trees each year - seriously. As I was doing a final inspection of all the Christmas decorations, I saw one empty spot in the dining room that screamed "add another tree!!". Then it hit me "T1D Tree"!! Nikki, Amber and I got down the boxes with all Nikki's out-of-date, expired or no longer in use diabetes supplies and decorated a small tree with them. We had a blast doing it and it was actually very therapeutic -- plus it looked pretty cool too. **Side note, the pump/star we just used for the pictures since it is Nikki's actual pump.**

I hope you get a kick out of the pictures and I hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Hi Diabetes Tree. Very inventive, and cute besides! I really, really hate to put my Christmas decorations away...

Thanks - I feel the same (in fact one of my big ones is still up bc I haven't been motivated to get that last one put away)