Diabetes vaccine

This article is over 1 and 1/2 years old. Faustman’s research hasn’t panned out to much.

You should check out Joshua Levy’s site:


Faustman has pursued oh, I don’t know how many “promising” avenues that turned out to be blind alleys. Of course, so has everyone else. That’s the nature of research; you go down countless dead ends before finding the true path. That’s why it’s best to keep enthusiasm on a short leash until there is something genuinely worth getting excited about.

Levy is about the best at keeping current on this stuff.


Thanks for posting the link to Joshua Levy’s resource for research about T1D. I have followed his writing before and I believe he’s a member here as well, although not very active. I’m bookmarking his site.


I didnt realize it was old news. I saw a link to a diabetes vaccine that was just approved lol