Diabetes with or without a pump?

which do you think is easier? I dont use a pump and seem to have a hard time keeping it under control but i dont have the money to just go out and test the pump i need some reassurance if it is easier, and what do i have to do to get the pump?

hey lalita
Thank you very much this did seem very informational i will definately look into a pump! thanks again

Ben… I LOVE my pump. I have an Omnipod. It’s actually the cheapest pump out there. ($800 full price vs. $5,000-$6,000 full price for other pumps). it’s brought my A1c down… made me healthier… and made diabetes so much easier.

Another pump lover here! I had a really hard time staying in control with shots (my A1C was okay, 7.8, but I had generally 2 or 3 lows per day with that). Since getting on the pump, my A1C dropped to 6.4 in 3 months, and I probably have 3 - 4 lows a week - which is so much better! Although, we have a National Health Service over here, and although it took me a long time to get approval for the pump, they covered the pump and supplies entirely.

okay so I tried the pump for about a year and didnt care for it, I didnt like being connected to it at all times and I would come off in my sleep, and It interfered with my athletic activity. However I have some great friends that absolutly LOVE the pump so it all depends on you and what you want. Everyone is different so its your choice and before I got mine they let me wear one for a couple of days that just had fake insulin in it so I could get the feel. I would recommend trying that before commiting but again the pump is great for some and not so great for others. Its up to you.

The pump, although convieniant in theory plays out to be a major annoyance in reality. Always being connected, leaving marks on ur body, interiefing w athletic and other activities, i also had a problem with keeping it with me, it was just another thing to put in my pocket. all that bieng said, i see it as having no advantages over shots. also, i was more careful with the shots and my numbers were deffinitally alot better.

I also don’t have the pump, but my A1C is 6.7. I was actually at the diabetic clinic yesterday for my appt. and I asked the nurse for some information on the pump. She told me that it’s not for everyone, and that it doesn’t necessarily make managing any easier, it really depends on the individual person. I myself don’t like the idea of being hooked up to a tube, it just freaks me out lol.
But with that said, there are loads of people who swear by it so I would suggest talking to your specialists and getting the info on it.

I was diagnosed only 4 years ago and not even a year later i was going to pump classes. i got a pump called the animas and it has been an amazing thing to have to control my diabetes.

even though it has its strengths it also can give you the idea of giving yourself too much freedom.
just recently the beginning of this year i realized how crazy my blood sugars were acting and i knew i had to get it back under control. so for the summer i decided to go back to the shots and train myself to be diciplined again.

but i would have to say the pump is a whole lot more convient if you can still remember how important it is to watch your carb intake and make sure you still keep it in control.

i don’t have a pump… i’m considering it… but i really just don’t like having things connected to me and leaving bruises etc…
but i still am considering it though…

I started using the OmniPod pump just in November and I love it! the OmniPod is really nice because unlike some of the other pumps, there is no tubing. So you don’t really feel like you’re connected to anything. I barely even feel it when i’m wearing it. So if you don’t like the feeling of being attatched to anything I would say look into getting the OmniPod. But just on the topic of using a pump, I would have to say it has made things so much easier. I feel so much more free and feel like i have more control.

It seems that only the people who are living in US can get the OmniPod, not in Australia or some other places.


right now I’m trialling a pump with saline, and i did this a couple of weeks back as well. As long as you have reasonably good sites the infusion sets hurt about as much as the pen i was using before. I’m still really keen about the pump after trying it, I had a few problems with stinging with boluses but that was sorted (bad site) and although I still have to inject with this trial I can imagine how great it would be not to have to inject when out with friends or in a restaurant. The pump also releases insulin in a way more similar to beta cells in the pancreas, and with diligence you can achieve much better control and feel better. Right now, I’m reluctant to inject again when i have a snack cos i get hungry all the time, but with the pump you have much more freedom. I’m also very lucky to live in the uk with the nhs but I would still recommend the pump if you can afford it.

Sorry about the essay, but i’ll conclude;
you can achieve better control, and more freedom with a pump but it takes more frequent testing and you have to be a lot more motivated otherwise the pump probably isnt for you. In the states i think you have to get a prescription whereas over here you apply for funding through your endo.

Good luck

I have had diabetes for about 7 years,and I’m getting y pump in about 2 weeks or so!! i love it bcuz I think you have better control on it…plus my a1c is 10.5 so I really want a pump…I love it anway!!! Im obsessed Im getting a green ping !

I take the shots. It’s working for me and even though i didnt think it would my ac1 went down(vacation and stress)it did. I am not interested in a pump. For one, why change things if what im doing works, and two, I also HATE the idea of being that attached to something. I can easily grab a bag and bring everything i need with me when i leave. And have even given myself the luxury Of walking down to the store (2 blocks away) with absolutly nothing. Thats right i didnt even bring my meter. (Of course my mom was with me) Of course i know this doesnt work for everyone. For some the pump makes the lives much easier and better. It’s just not for me :slight_smile: