Diabetic Faux Pas?

Is there such a thing? Let's hear 'em. For instance, I have an issue with throwing my recently used test strips into public trash cans. I keep in the Velcro pouch in my meter then dispose of them at home. How weird is that?

I often feel weird about this too. I feel like I am leaving a little bit of. Mark on public places I have been.

Well, I don't know if it counts as a Faux Pas but I don't like taking my injection when there are children present, even if the parents tell me to go ahead and do it at the table like usual because they would like them to learn is normal...

Thanks, I don't know if there are Faux pas or not. I was just curious. Thanks for sharing with me. i think I'd have a hard time with that one too. :-)

I was injecting in a public bathroom stall. When I dropped the syringe and it rolled under to the guy next to me. He didn't say a word just kicked it back over to me. { just laughed and said thanks.

i do the same thing with strips but taking care of myself in front of people gives me a chance to EDUCATE about testing & pump :)

I test and inject in public I think its good for people to see not something to ignore I definitely don’t throw my needles away in public but sometimes I throw my test strips away in public

bbanks - that's a funny story. HOpe that doesn't happen often.
Shawnmarie - Ill have to consider that more.
shoshana27 - education is important, isn't it.
Shayla - I have tested in public

Thanks guys,
I guess I just feel like doing that in public, testing or injecting, when i was, was so very personal. I felt it was strange to do out in the open. I guess I have to get over that still.

I had a problem doing it in public at first but eventually I got over it although it seems like the non diabetics seem to have more of a problem with it then the diabetics…at least when I’ve asked everyone I just think its gross doing it in the bathroom think about it the toilet flushes and now you got germs floating around in the air yuck!

My aversion to public garbage is more because of whatever cooties might be lurking there while I'm bleeding? To me it's "cleaner" (hahahaha...) to put them in my pocket than get me near a garbage can that has who knows what in it.

I have no problem injecting in public and educating people (adults) about diabetes, when I'm in the mood... but how do you explain it to a child with an attention span of an ant, also adults would have at least some tact about the subject, and if not you can tell them off, but kids!? I guess this shows i don't have any, i know some are well behaved, but the couple of times that I did it in front of friend's kids they were pointing fingers, making rude faces and I could not keep it private anymore, the lil sh*ts remember "are u gonna shoot up again? can I see? gross! mommy she is having sugar..." Many times the parents don't want to pick up the slack they want ME to teach them, maybe because they themselves don't see it as normal.
Sorry for the rant lol