"Dear Abby" and Diabetes Etiquette

A writer to "Dear Abby" is squeamish and uncomfortable when a co-worker with diabetes tests their blood glucose.

I'm squeamish and uncomfortable going to the bathroom to test and inject insulin so that innocent bystanders in public won't feel squeamish and uncomfortable.

Diabetes etiquette should be a two-way street.

This reminds me of the controversy last year over "Miss Manners" and her advice that we should just run to the bathroom to test our bood sugar or inject.

Personally, I think the question and response are not inappropriate. If she is squeemish she can ask to be moved. But she certainly should not be allowed to compromise the workers rights to reasonable accommodation to test and inject when needed.

Personally I also think it is a two way street. If someone get's squeemish I am all to happy to tell them I am about to inject so that they can run off to the bathroom.

Love your comment, Brian, especially the last paragraph!


LOL Brian, I often ask co-workers it they are squeamish about blood. I have not met one yet but my response will be to turn your head.

I don't think it would be wrong if he asked his co-worker for a little warning.

I wonder what Abby's answer would have been if Squeamish didn't much care for breast-feeding? Or if her coworker had the sniffles?

I'm lucky. I can close my door at work to test and take my injections. But I am NOT doing it in the bathroom.

lol +1 to Brian's idea. I have become somewhat squeamish when I have blood drawn for some reason, so I just turn my head, it works perfectly :-)

Ha, Brian, great one about the complainer going to the bathroom. Excellent solution. Funny.