Diabetic gastroparesis dx SOS


fats slow carb absorption in the small intestine, but I don’t think it delays emptying of the stomach. If the valve is shut to the point of stopping oils leaving. The salad would have been worse. With my father, the next step is peg feeding and bypassing the bottom valve… Depending on the Dr, I’m getting conflicting info on nasal tube being long term. Hopefully peg or nasal feeding is a ways off, or other health events makes the decision redundant.

you may find higher protein will put on weight better than fat, that seems to be more for energy.


dear junebugg
since i have been on the donperidone for almost 3 months now my entire life has changed !!! i am back to my normal diet and was able to put 5 pounds back on. i am even able to eat fatty foods with little consequence. i still get that awful lack-of-appitite bloated feeling from time to time, but for the most part i feel wonderful. also, i started a swimming routine; i swim for 1 hour 5 days a week and i think that the exercise is helping me as well.

thanks so much. and all the best to you and your tummy and BGs :smile:


Hi Daisy Mae. I’m so happy to hear that you are doing much better! I hope that one day the FDA will listen to the many people who benefits from this drug and ok it for distribution in the United States.


dear junebugg,

thanks for your pep talk. its very helpful for me to be in touch with people on TU who are sharing similar symptoms and solutions. i started a swimming program about 2 months ago every day for 1 hour, 5 days a week. i am certain that that has contributed to my sense of well being. (although i did have a flareup for the past week, but this time, i know it will pass so long as i return temporarily to the easy to digest diet for a bit). hope is forever in sight.

daisy mae


Daisy Mae, I hope you had a Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree: Sorry to hear about your flare-up but they do happen more often than not. Holidays are the worse because of all the food and stress we don’t usually have in our daily life. You can do everything right or you think you have and suffer symptoms. The stomach moves so slow that you can forget if you had that yummy small piece of goody. Exercising does help. I walk after meals. Helps greatly.
Wishing you flare up free day. We can only go day at a time.


i believe that this applies to everything in life :smile: thx again junebugg


For those of you that have ordered Donperidone,

Can you please let me know which online pharmacy you ordered it from ?



clayman pharmacy, winnipeg, canada 877 735 7271 , fax : 204 261 6390
family pharmacy, open m-f (closed weekends)

hope this helps.

daisy mae


@Daisy_Mae, how are you feeling through and after the celebrations? Are you doing OK?


Thank you Daisy!

Absolutely does help. Much appreciated


am doing well, thanks. how 'bout you? i’ve been swimming a lot, and that has been a tremendous help.


I read about your swimming regimen, that is great! It is so unexpected to me that it made such a difference to your gastric issues!

My son is the T1D in the family - he is doing well right now too, but he does not get as much sleep as I wish he did, due to a few too many lows at night:(


are your son’s basal rates correct? maybe he is getting too much insulin for overnight??? have you discussed this w/ his endo? i used to get miserable lows overnight and into the morning when i was waking up. (40s etc) i lowered my overnight basal rate and now all is (almost) perfect. good luck.


I was wondering how you are doing? You posted a long time ago. I got sick in May and they are going forth with testing this week. I presented as not being able to eat, anemic, and vitamin b 12 deficient. I have had an acute onset of neuropathy. I was fine, great A1Cs, and this came out of nowhere. Now I begin this long journey but it’s taken forever to just get specialist to look at me. Not sleeping and so many complications. My hand was just blue when I woke up. I am so scared.


Hey all, If you suffer from Diabetic Gastroparesis (DG), you may be interested in a new clinical research study that is coming up. It may not be for everybody, but def worth a look to see if you qualify for the trial or not… here is a link for those interested https://studykik.com/stomachstudy?utm=mx :v:t3: