Diabetic gastroparesis dx SOS

i was recently dx w/ D gastroparesis. i have been miserably uncomfortable for the past 6 months or so, until it got so bad that it sent me to my gastrointerologist for some help. i have every symptom; nausea, feeling of fullness, lack of appetite, terrible gas, pain in the tummy, and general malaise. i was put on a liquid diet…everything goes through the blender am only able to stomach a few things (avocado, Boost calorie shakes, and some eggs; everything else makes me sick to my stomach just from looking at it)

i already have bad neuropathy in feet, legs hands and arms which comes and goes (my A1cs are excellent (6.2). i am 52yrs old and have had T1 for about 30 yrs. for my tummy my doc put me on an antibiotic as well as a drug (which is not FDA approved but is available in canada) called donperidone. has anyone else out there lived with this, and has anyone began to feel relief from this with change of diet and medication management? i am feeling so frustrated and blue. i weigh less than 100lbs now and i cannot eat my regular high fat/high protein diet (thus the weight loss) anyone have any suggestions or a cheerful word?

SOS; anything suggestions and info is helpful and welcomed.

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thank you so much for your reply. i am going to the vitamin shop and buying some ginger supplements asap. also, i can put fresh ginger in hot water and make myself a ginger tea.


smaller meals more often is often suggested.

I, too, have gastroparesis. I was diagnosed in 2012 and I took much better control of my blood glucose since then. My symptoms have marginally improved but the best thing is they have not turned worse. I take a probiotic every night before bed and I think that has had a beneficial effect. I also use potato starch for its resistant starch qualities to feed the good gut bacteria. I think this helps but I’m only an n=1 experiment. I take no other meds for GP.

Good luck.

i can barely tolerate 2 small meals all day long. i am trying to add in the high protein/high calorie Boost Shakes just to keep my calories up. i am very thin and losing weight by the day.

it was suggested to me to walk after my meal, and this i did yesterday and it seemed to help. i will try it again tonight after “dinner.” (1/2 Cup low fat greek yogurt and 1/2 Cup sugar free applesauce)

thanks though for your suggestion. very much appreciated,
Daisy Mae

Hi Daisy, I know exactly how you feel. I’m 62 years old and have had type 1 for 52 years. I have lived with gastropersis for the last 22 years. My Drs started me on Reglan and after years on it I had to move on to something different. It causes some nasty side effects. I started Domperidone around 20 years. I love it. It makes all the difference. I take 20 mg 30 minutes before meals and bedtime. Of course I’m on a very low fiber and fat diet. Everything white no brown meals. I take a stool softener every morning to help move me. Lol. Of course insulin pump with using square wave is a must. I could go on more but this is the jest of it. It is something you learn to live with You will learn what your body will tolerate. Good luck and keep smiling .
June Bugg


I was started on Reglan, and it hasn’t helped me one bit. also, it interacts w/ another med that i must take called clozeril. so, i hooked myself up with a canadian pharmacy (they don’t sell donperidone in the USA), and i am eagerly awaiting my delivery. i am happy to hear that it has helped you.

i must say that i am extremely depressed. the symptoms are miserable. i can barely eat. no appetite and belly pain. nausea, though, has been greatly reduced (thank God for small favors ) i am taking antibiotics as well for the bacteria in my gut, and i take a probiotic every evening before bedtime. i feel so much sadness and so much frustration. i am used to eating very healthy diet, have excellent A1c, and have been thin/skinny my entire life. i excersize, etc. and take good care of myself. i feel slighted that this has struck me, seemingly out of nowhere. i have neuropathy in feet/legs/hands/arms that comes and goes, but it does not bother me as much as this gastric problem.i only want to cry and feel lie just giving up. (no, i am NOT suicidal ! ) am just fed up with living w/ D.


I have lived with gastroparesis for 16 years. I’ll say the first 3 years were the worst. Eventually me and gastroparesis learned to live together. I take domperidone and in the last couple years added MIRTAZAPINE. MIRTAZAPINE seems to help on a couple of fronts - weight gain and increased appetite. It also has a side effect of helping you sleep. I also think that it helped reduce some of my nausea.

My go to for nausea is peppermint candy(needs peppermint oil) and peppermint gum. The chewing action of gum helps me with nausea.

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i was told to stay away from gum b/c it causes too much bass in the abdomen. whats your take on this suggestion from your own experience?

I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this. You are in my thoughts! :heart:

My experience with gastroparesis is 98% of recommendations do not work. Your goal is to find the 2% that do. In my case chewing gum is great benefit. All I can say is try it.

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Thank you for your kindness and support. i read on this thread that high doses of probiotics have helped some Ds. i have been taking probiotics for about 4 yrs. but, i have only taken the 30million strength at bedtime. i am going to go to the Vitamin Shop this afternoon and stock up on the higher doses and see how that works. (they are very $$$, though, and if i wait 2 more weeks till sept. i will get 1/2 off the 2nd bottle i buy. ) so, i am balancing out how much pain i am in and if i can actually wait it out until september.

Daisy Mae

Hello, I’ve been a type 1 for 42 years, and believe it or not, only comps so far are stomach issues. Name the stomach problem, and I’ve got it. I take 5 different meds but if u want me to b honest with u, what works the best for me is some good Ole Mary jane. All kidding aside, it really does help, and the state I live in, Illinois, medical is legal. I’ve used it since I was 15, and I’m 45. Maybe it might b helpful for u, I sure hope u find some relief soon…xo


I was surprised by the sugar free applesauce. If you are eating so little, why not use “regular” applesauce? Is the sugar free applesauce unsweetened or does it use an artificial sweetener? I know nothing of your condition, but I do know that any kind of artificial sweetener would be the last thing I would want to eat if I were having similar problems.

If sugar results in untoward BG spikes (even when adequate pre-bolusing takes place), a sugar substitute is a much wiser choice (unless a particular sweetener results in GI distress or other symptoms, which is not the case for most people.) “Artificial” sweeteners are not contraindicated for those with diabetic gastroparesis.

I am eating unsweetened applesauce. no sweetener. i am mixing it with my FAGE 0% greek yogurt (plain, no flavoring) i love it and it is easy on my tummy; i have been having good success with it, so Hooray for me LOL. so far, so good. and, btw, since i began the Donperidone medication 2 weeks ago, i am beginning to feel some relief physically and emotionally.

thx for your input. i appreciate it; especially the part about using artificial sweeteners for Ds

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That’s only about 150-200 calories…
I think you really need a lower fiber, low carb high fat keto diet, or a non ketogenic Bernstein type, to get enough energy

"I read Dr. Bernstein’s book 11 years ago and never looked back. After reading the pages on gastroparesis, I started yelling and cursing. I knew I had it and was mad that my doctor never mentioned that possibility to me. I had had some very close calls while driving 11 years ago.

I 'm now very thankful to Dr. Bernstein and all of the other people who have helped me with my LCHF diet. Without them, I believe that I would not be able to celebrate my 50th anniversary as a T1 in September."

you won’t need to go this hard, but as an example, I have my father on basically a liquid diet, mainly sustagen/fortisip/protein powder/coconut oil/olive oil. His oesophagus is also dysfunctional and a hiatus hernia with his stomach encroaching into his chest. I wouldn’t give him low fat yogurt, even if it had no added sugar, applesauce is also on the treat list…it’s empty food.

He uses gravity, stands while eating and afterwards, unable to go for a decent walk, but it would be excellent.

i have been on a low carb, high fat and high protein diet for years now. the high fat has allowed me to keep weight on (am way too thin), but the high fat kept my digestion very slow and made it more difficult to pass through my tummy. now i am starting to feel better. the walk after meals has helped a lot. this w/end i had my first (small) salad in 2 weeks. it stayed down and it didn’t hurt me any. phew for small favors. it was delicious w/ its blue cheese dressing :slight_smile:

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