Do you have gastroparesis? Introduce yourself here!

For those who have gastroparesis. Needing more information or just here for support.


Good idea Michelle this group! I’m sure others will come give them time!!!

May I ask if the dr has put your daughter on reglan and (generic name here) Omeprazole. I have to take the Omeprazole once a day in the morning about 30 minets before I eat ans 2 reglan tables at every meal even after taking the Omeprazole at breakfast

hello, i’m rather new to Gastroparesis… in fact so far i haven’t had it anywhere close to as bad as some of the stories i’ve read out there, but it’s strange for me trying to sort things out nevertheless. for the last 3 months i haven’t had much trouble with it since after my test showing only a minor delay in digesion, my doc put me on omaprezol and it has helped a lot for some reason…along with modifying my diet to keep from throwing up my food all the time like i used to…i try to avoid swallowing anything that i can’t fully chew up in my mouth…
so yeah, its been ok … untill yesterday when my stomach has started to be mean to me. and that’s not the only thing that all of a sudden starting acting up around the same time… 3 days before, my sciatic back/leg pain decided to come back and be even worse, after a few months of being reasonably good.
its just been a bad day phisically wise with that plus feeling like my entire body muscles ache exhaustion… for no real good reason…
On the story of my dear stomach new antics,
i cooked a healthy pasta meal and ate that yesterday…just like i did 4 days before without any problems… but this day, two hours after eating, i threw up half of my food that i had eaten, and 6-10 hours later i was still feeling the food trying to churn in the UPPER part of my stomach, and it was hurting the whole time…like that feeling you get when you have eaten WAAAy too much except the pain is 3 times as bad and its coming from stomach muscle.
and every hour or so i’d actually feel it when a little bit of the food went down some and it would make me burp. i tried getting up and walking a bit in the house to help digestion but it hurt even worse than it hurt sitting down… on a 1=fine to 10=bad /scale, it was like a 4.
…on the other hand i had a pretty good bg day as far as it being stable -which is almost rare. (I’ve been having a hard time learning to time my insulin bolus dosages taken on my pump correctly with the absorption delay.)

Today, i had a slice of toast and a yogurt smoothie for breakfast and it made me full pretty fast, but it didn’t hurt as bad. then for lunch i tried to eat a extra small spinach waldorf salad with some quiche and tried to eat MUCH slower than usual, like one bite every 5 minutes. after 5 bites, my stomach started to hurt and feel like a overfilled water balloon. i had already taken my insulin so i forced myself to eat the quiche …trying for the logic that its mushy food;…but i couldn’t finish my salad. i ate that when it was 8pm and its now 5 hours later and my stomach still hurts.
i just want to know if any body has experienced this kind of thing and furthermore, how the heck do you deal with this?? … its kind of aggravating and depressing me and i don’t know what to do since these symptoms are kind of a new experience for me.

?? it going to keep being like this or will it ever go away once in a while or is there some other tricks i should know about or do you just eat baby food or do you just not eat and only drink juice or do you alternate the days that you do eat solid food or is there certain foods that are absolutely the doomers of us or are there other less obviously known foods -besides things with peels and stalks- that can make it worse or is there a certain specific tiny measurement of food that the stomach can only handle at a time or does it hurt no matter what you eat or no matter how much you eat??? What are the very beginning stages/symptoms of Gastroparesis that you had to go through, and how long does each last before you developed new /worse symptoms??
I feel so unprepared and so confused in dealing with all this. please help.

I am so sorry this has taken me time to respond, my daughter has not been feeling well. Then I was out of town or medical on my daughter. Things just tend to get worse for her. Weight loss now is 42 lbs, not good!

Doris, all of my daughters drs have decided not to put her on any meds for the gastroparesis. They all say that meds will not help her. The only thing they try to do i surpress the nerves in the stomach to reduce to nausa feelings. Right now, one of her GI drs (she has two, one for the lower GI issues and the other for the stomach and acid reflux), has decided to put her on domparidone, its a med that is supose to help with the nausea feelings too, then hopeful she will be able to eat a bit more. However this med is not FDA approved and only available in New Zeland, Canada, Mexico and one other place out side of the USA. I am waiting for dosing recomendation for the dr.

Its hard watch my daughter loose this weigh, as she is not a heavy young adult to begin with. Then throw diabeties in the mix and trying to control blood sugars… not good.

Jess, recomedations… stay away from foods that your stomach has to work hard at breaking down. Raw vegies, meat, you can have baked potatoe, just not the skin. Try to stick to a soft diet as much as possible. If you like meats, just cut them up very small and chew, chew, chew the heck out of them, it just makes your stomach work smarter not harder.

Everything is a learning curve and your diet will very from everyone elses. My daughter dietitian has recommended 6 small meals a day, and for my daughter liquid meal only.

Eating smaller meals is really much better than 3 large meals. The more food you put into your stomach the hard it really has to work.

I’ll try and post a few websites that have some great ideas on what you can have. Belive me its not limited either,you do have to use your imagination to come up with meal plans, but hey its a challenge that everyone should enjoy.

Keeping your blood sugars under control is for the best. The better your control the better your stomach is.

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As promised here is a few websites that are great. Just copy and paste them in your browser.

Find your self a GOOD GI Dr. that does deal with gastroapresis and knows what he is doing. Just dont settle for a GI dr.

Just got a phone call from my daughters dr. in St. Louis, he has refered my daughter to the surgeon who hopefully will be doing the stomach pacemaker for her. Please pray for her!

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I was misdiagnosed by a GI doctor as having IBS and even had a gastroparesis test that failed before being diagnosed five years later. My case seems mild compared to the ones I’ve read here but I do have to eat very small amounts at a time and often feel sick to my stomach and miserable if I don’t. I take Reglan 3x a day but sometimes it makes me feel like I have snakes crawling around in my stomach…weird!

Sami, if he Reglan make your stomach feel that way, call your dr. Misdiagnoses often happens. As I stated below don’t just settle for a GI dr.

Where is everyone going for treatment for the gastroparesis? I live in the southwest area of Iowa, and I travel to St. Louis for treament for my daughter.

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I was just diagnosed with that and I think it stinks but now i can do something about it

Cheryl, correct diagnosis is about 95% of correct treatment. Try at least to be glad that you now know what ails you (and many of us also).

PS Soaking in mud is NOT a recommended treatment

Hello I am trying to determine if I might have Gastroparesis. Every now and then I have been having these episodes where I have severe adominal pain and bloating that can last for a day or several days. The pain is pretty intense which makes me not want to eat or do much of anything for that matter. I had a ultrasound done and it didn’t show any problems with my organs. How can I be certain that what I am experiencing is or is not gastroparesis?

Hello group,
My name is Kevin and was diagnosed with type 2 over two yrs ago. Since Sept 2008, I have had a severe pain in the right side of my abdomen. Went to see the doctor and he run a battery of tests. Gallbladder ultrasound, Hida scan of gallbladder, Ct scan of colon, Ultrasound of my liver, Triple Phase MRI of abdomen,Upper and lower scopes, blood work out the wazoo. I go to a GI doctor on Jan 15, 2009. Only thing that that found was a tumor-benign- on my liver- think it might be hemangioma-blood filled tumor. I started going to the doctor because I would have severe pains in my abdomen and they would send me to the floor. Also had a 30# wt loss within 1 months time because could not eat anything that wouldn’t make the pain worse.
They would subside for a while, then hit me with another wave of pain. nauseated all the time, can’t eat anythig except dry cereal and crackers. Anything more and it comes back up. Times very on when things want to come up. Ranges from 5 minutes to 2-3 hours. Was at work one time eating lunch with my co-workers and had to excuse myself from the table to run to the restroom for a vomit session. Got really dizzy and co-workers started knocking on door to see how I was doing. Everyone at work knows thatI have been going through this the last 4-5 months. They got the key tothe door and came and got me off of the floor. Don’t know if gastroparesis is what I have but I can ask the GI doctor tomorrow if it could be that. would be another option.
Thanks for letting me rattle on.

Hi All,

Is it possible to have gastroparesis without the accompanying symptoms? Perhaps I have a mild case & just haven’t experienced the things you all have yet. I’m asking because I have BG spikes hours after I eat–sometimes 4-5 hours later. Two hour numbers are good, but then they start rising so it seems that this may be due to gastroparesis. My endo changed me to R insulin since fast acting is too fast.

Went to the GI doctor yesterday and he said that I can very well have gastoparesis. He wants to run another test. This one is to see how well my stomach empties out. Is it just me or does the rest of the group get tired of all the testing it takes to find out if you have gastroparesis or not. Seems like for the last 4-5 months, I have been on the frequent flyer program at the local hospital and clinic. The admitting office today asked me how many visits that this one today made in total, i think this is my 11th or 12th visit there since September 2008.
Guess it is my year to help the hospital get out of debt. Haha. Thank goodness I have insurance. I am self insured. I pay around $160.00 a month and my employer chips in another $100.00 So far for the visits and tests done last year, 2008, I have had $25,000 worth of tests. Can you believe they charged me $175.00 for a nose swab for MRSA before I had my scopes done. Anything fora buck.

Can anyone advise how to stop the emails coming every time someone makes a comment or joins the various groups? Each email has an address to supposedly do that, in this group’s case:

But that just takes me to the page for the group, there seems no option to stop emails etc. It would seem counter-productive to have to actually leave the group just to stop emails, I guess I am missing something?

Thanks for any advice

You talked about your daughter getting a stomach pacemaker. What is that and why does she need one? Just curious. The GI doctor put me on reglan when I went to him last. Still having the very serious sharp pains in my abdomen, like some-one stabbing me with a long knife. Was at work the other day when an attack came along. I work in the kithcen usually by myself, so during the attack I went and shut the door so no-one could see me. (I am a private person at work and didn’t want anyone to walk by- exsecially the residents and see me on the floor. Has anyone else had this servre of pain with gastroparesis?
Thank you for any advise you can offer.

I have never had stomach pains with my gastroparesis. I had very bad heartburn, felt bloated, and when my sugar was low and I tried to eat to bring it up, the food wouldn’t absorb quick enough and twice I needed glucagon. It was easily diagnosed by the Gastric Emptying Exam- which in my understanding is the gold standard to make the diagnosis. Anyone who wonders if they have gastroparesis can find plenty of info on the web.

Thanks, Laurie.

I don’t have stomach pain, bloating or heartburn. I have is good BG two hours after meals & highs 4-5 hours later. Can’t figure out what else is causing this other than gastroparesis.