Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy in my right foot. The pain is worse at night when I am attempting to sleep. Is there anything that you have tried that eases the pain? Has anyone tried CBD lotion? My husband thinks that may help, but I’m doubtful since nothing has helped so far. Thank you for any suggestions.

My neuropathic foot pain disappeared when I started taking benfotiamine, a supplement developed in Japan in the 1990s which concentrates vitamin B1 along the nerves. In the early 2000s, there were many claims among German scientists that taking benfotiamine would prevent the development of all diabetic complications at a dose of just 600 mg/day, but that has proven overly optimistic, yet it is still effective for many patients in preventing neuropathic pain. The best thing about it is that it is a treatment for the problem rather than just an expensive chemical to anesthetize the pain sensation.

Benfotiamine can be bought online or in many vitamin stores.

@Pam21 your husband might also try icing his foot. About 20 minutes in there is noticeable relief. This method especially helped me with the hot stabbing pains that I would get just sitting on the sofa.

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This is interesting and something I have never thought of. I find that cooler temperatures do seem to help me, I often sleep with my feet uncovered.

@Stemwinder_Gary I used ice over a several year period to get me through the worst when I was uninsured. It helps. Is it better or worse than drugs like Lyrica? I have no idea since I have only used ice.

I would put my feet in cold water. Near instant relief.

Thank you all for your replies. I will definitely try the ice. I go to my nurse practitioner in October so I will talk to her about it also. I am also deficient in B12 so maybe the benfotiamine would definitely help. Again, thank you very much for the advice.

@Pam21 me too… Pernicious anemia since childhood

I have neuropathy in both legs from my feet to my knees. I use Lyrica and I would be in the loony bin without it. I take 200mg twice a day. My prescription is for 3x a day but I find I can skip the 3rd dose and my doctor has said that anything above 300-400 hasn’t been shown to be any more effective. I would definitely try the CBD before resorting to prescription meds. For me the ice was only a temporary fix, but it got me through some of the worst times before I found Lyrica.

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