I have just discovered tudiabetes and have been spending the last couple of days exploring the many wonderful forums and discovering many great suggestions that will help me with my diabetes therapy. I finally came to the neuropathy group and was very surprised to discover no mention of benfotiamine. About 10 years ago or so, I started having some serious issues with extreme pain in my feet. Walking across a room was becoming a real challenge and since I am a mailman and on my feet all day long most days, my life was becoming a real challenge. I don’t like pain. I tried lots of things, none working until I discovered benfotiamine. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble b-vitamin that is able to build up to therapeutic levels in your body when taken in sufficient doses. To make a long story short, after about 6 months of taking benfotiamine, the pain in my feet was gone. This episode along with diabetic retinopathy is what motivated me to start taking even better care of my diabetes. After several laser surgeries in one eye almost 10 years ago now, my retinas are now clear of any bleeding. I had a cataract removed from one eye, but my eye doctor is getting frustrated with the lack of progress of the other cataract and tells me she wishes it would get worse so she could balance my eyes, lol. My vision is still 20/20 in both eyes. Of course, managing diabetes is a complex task always open to improvement, but I know from my very painful experience that benfotiamine along with tighter blood glucose control and better diet helps me to manage neuropathy and definitely helped me reverse the neuropathic pain I was experiencing. If you are having problems with neuropathy ,it is worth checking out. This link is a good place to start. It is where I started, but it is not the only place you can buy benfotaimine. Since I first discovered it, it seems to be becoming more widely available.
Wishing everyone a great normal day, Everyday!!!

Just started to feel the tingling in Feb/Mar. So scared! Thanks so much for this advice!

I have neuropathy in my feet, and read your post a few days ago and checked out the website you mentioned.
I bought some Benfotiamine 150mg capsules three days ago. The first day, I took one capsule to see if I would have any adverse reaction. Now, I am taking two capsules (300mg) a day.
In your experience, how long was it before you started noticing positive results?
Also, what might be a maximum daily dosage?

It does make you a bit scared at first. Have you had your tingling diagnosed, yet? Once I was diagnosed with the neuropathy, it made seeking and researching treatment options easier for me.

Thanks. I have all my annual appointments during the next 2 months. My foot doctor is really good. I see him at the beginning of July. Just joined this group at the end of May. Lots of great tips. Good luck to you with the Benfotiamine. :slight_smile:

I think the average dosage is around 600 mg a day but for pain I have seen it go even higher. I think you can read on
the a and see what they are using. Remember it doesn’t work like the regular type of pain pill but it does work and the other thing is that it can lower blood pressure so you will want to watch for that but it doesn’t lower blood pressure a whole lot. I am taking 900 mg a day in divided doses and it works for me. I call it the active form of Vitamin B1 because some say it isn’t fat soluble while others say it is so to avoid that argument I just say it is the active form of Vitamin B1

Thanks for your information! I was not aware of the affect to blood pressure.

The affect on Blood Pressure isn’t huge. Just wanted to let you know to be aware of it.