Diabetic with Graves Disease Contemplating Thyroid Surgery

Hi everyone!

I have had Type 1 for 21 years, and was diagnosed with Graves Disease, or Hyperactive Thyroid, a few years ago. My doctor has recommended removing my thyroid through surgery. I am concerned about the metabolic side effects of not having a thyroid. I have heard horror stories about weight gain, depression, feeling tired all the time, etc.

Has anyone here had their thyroid removed? Or do you know someone who has had it done? I don't know anyone personally, and I am really struggling with the decision!

Thank you so much in advance for ANY information you can share. I really appreciate it!

I had Graves disease and had my thyroid destroyed by radiation in 1994 and have taken thyroid replacement ever since. My understanding is that protocol is to try and regulate the thyroid with thyroid supression medication first, then if that doesn't work to attempt to destroy it with radiation. I needed two doses to do this. My understanding is that surgery is the final option after the previous two have failed.