Diabetics are naturally sweet shirt

Does anyone know where to get a cute “diabetics are naturally sweet” shirt. I have been looking online, but haven’t found anything cute. Thanks!


Lots of shirts with those words… seems most of them have a candy-cane theme. I’m not a candy-cane fan - maybe cupcakes or berries or something?
What do you have in mind? I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing too, periodically think about making one for myself.
I’m looking right now for diabetes-related web comics in case there might be some merch from one that fits the bill.
Maybe someone here has already made such a shirt/design? (loads of creative/artistic folks here!)

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You could just [google it][1]. If course I can’t really comment on “cute.” I’m so fashion challenged that I should be trusted to even go clothes shopping.
[1]: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Diabetics+are+naturally+sweet+shirt&newwindow=1&tbm=shop

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If you can design it you can have one offs produced at a reasonable price at one of the following:



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Zazzle.com has some really good diabetic shirts. My wife got me a couple.

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I actually found the one that I was originally looking for. Its: www.prikkedief.com. In case anyone wanted to check the company out. They are located in the Netherlands which is kind of annoying. Expensive shipping.