To anyone reading this, don’t know where to go about a problem I’ve been having, non diabetic related (maybe?)…Seen 2 dr’s now and no answers…
It started as joint pain in knees, and muscle pains in legs off/on, and aches (flu-like symptoms) about 2 months ago…also had some random charlie horses in night (painful) and one in day…Sometimes have shooting sharp pains that last a min. in my feet and sometiems calves…Thought neuropathy? But then in last month i’ve been having tingling/burning and it seems like muscle weakness/tightness in legs, and A LOT of muscle twitching/spasms in legs, feet and arms, (and now face a bit) like 24/7…used to not be 24/7…Blood work came out normal…I"m VERY VERY scared it is ALS?? Does anyone think it sounds like that? I can barely walk for 2 mins slowwwly without pain and tightness worsening and twitch/spasm getting worse…VERY debilitating in my everyday activities…Having an MRI and EMG soon…Could ALS progress so quickly? Thanks for reading

I’m sorry you’re going through this, @sweetgal88!

I’m not familiar with ALS, except I think it once was called Lou Gehrig’s disease.

A few other tests your physician could order are a Vitamin D level and also dopplers of your lower legs and arms to check for adequate blood flow.

I recently read magnesium can help with leg cramps.

I wish you all the best and hope you find answers.

Magnesium is a miracle over the counter product - my wife, who is the diabetic started it taking after I determined it was an energy helper - she went from taking naps everyday to chopping wood. Takes about a week to have any result - it’s worth a try for 10 bucks

I appreciate your post. I have been struggling with chronic muscle cramps and some tingling in heels and left side of face. Docs can be so dismissive. My primary said things just happen as we get older and my endo said it could be nephropathy but I’ve only had T1 for 5 years with alcs in the low 5.
I’ve been drinking water w/electrolyte or zero Gatorade and tonic water which has quinine. This has helped the muscle cramps. No idea why the face & heels tingles. After research online I decided I had MS then got really depressed which was a little stupid and not helpful because I haven’t been diagnosed!
I think we all might over diagnosis our symptoms at some point. Diabetes can lead to or in the case of T1 co-exist with other autoimmunes. Still I wouldn’t jump immediately to any conclusion but your symptoms definitely needs to be investigated. Have you or your doctors been able to figure out the underlining cause?

I think your endo means “neuropathy”, “nephropathy” is kidneys and “neuropathy” is general nervous system. I would make sure your calcium levels are checked. (They should be, because they are usually part of every chem panel.) I would also ask them to check Vitamin B12, Folate, and Magnesium. (Magnesium is usually a test that you have to order separately- at least in my area).

Yes neuropathy. It was a typo. I did ask to be tested for magnesium, potassium not the rest and will request, thank you

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A statin can be causing these symptoms. Do you take a statin?

No don’t take satins. Update- discovered I have low iodine levels at least when given a blood test. This is probably what’s causing my muscle cramps. However my endo said the 24 hour urine ( oh fun) test is more accurate so will be doing that next week.

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Well, that is certainly easily remedied with iodized salt.

Celiac disease is systemic and cause these symptoms. It is strongly linked to TD1. Consider getting tested (blood test).



Kidney check?

no dr has been able to figure out anything, nor help, they just say idk cuz tests were neg. Nor try to figure out what overall/mental conditions I’ve developed either from this or separatly i’m trying to figure out. In a desperate situation and no changing anything…seems a permanent transition with no changing anything :frowning:

Since the regular medical field doesn’t have any answers for you, you might seek a good acupuncturist. I personally like one that has a Ph.d, or D.A,O,M, degree or the more “old school” traditional knowledge and long term experience. I would think all have to have at least a LAc degree, but there are several forms of acupuncture. There are some really experienced and good ones out there and a lot do take insurance if your insurance pays for it.

What have they ruled out?

Have you seen any specialists?

Potassium levels are normal? Post the blood work.