Diabetiquette: Is there a right or wrong answer?

Diabetiquette: Is there a right or wrong answer?
Do you test in front of people? Yes? No? Sometimes?
Do you use a pen / syringe in front of others? Yes? No? Sometimes?
Do you hide your pump? Yes? No? Sometimes?
If you do /do not… why?
I test and have used my pen in front of others. I do not stand on top of the table to do so I keep it discreet and try and stay under the table. Sometimes I leave the table if I know it bothers someone at the table or if I am not sure. I also leave if there are people who don’t know. I do not mind testing or injecting in front of others. I also do not want to ruin anybodies evening. What do you do? Is there a right or wrong answer???

I think its all up to the person’s comfort level. some people aren’t comfortable with doing these things in front of people. Before I went on the pump, I would take my level and do my shot before going to the table or into a restaurant, it was just easier. now that i am on the pump i normally take my level before and just punch what i need into my PDM at the table. i just do whats easiest =)

I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong approach to this but I’m at the point in my life where if it does make somebody uncomfortable I’m sorry but I’m not going to leave to take a shot or test in a bathroom, especially if I’m alone and have my daughters with me. I was so ashamed and embarassed by this disease for the longest time…the idea of taking shots or testing in front of anybody petrified me and I never did it. Now that I have children and an example to set for them (they’re not diabetic), I cannot be embarassed anymore. I really don’t want to offend anyone at all but I feel like if breastfeeding in public is allowed then I should be allowed to do what I NEED to do to live without having to interrupt my life or worry about who I’m offending, I’m sorry to sound so harsh cuz I’m not really wanting to. I’m just tired of feeling dirty for it when it’s a part of what I have to do to be alive. :slight_smile:

I test in front of people, but try not to bring attention to it. I use to leave the table to give an injection before the pump. I don’t think there is a right answer, just whatever you are comfortable with.

I try to be discreet, but I do what I have to do. restaurant, desk at work, airport–people can turn their heads the other way if it bothers them. I have to deal with all the other facets of this disease, I refuse to be ashamed of it and try to hide it. it is part of who I am.

I agree with everyone here. I don’t even attempt discretion most of the time. My high schoolers are all completely used to me whipping out my lancet device and drawing blood while in conversation. The only times in my life I’ve ever been discreet are perhaps at business luncheons or award ceremonies or…first dates. Or if I’m wearing clothes that would make exposing skin to inject or reaching for my pump completely obscene.

I do not feel ashamed or embrassed. Its just a different lifestyle and my mission is to make others aware of type1 on my way and my brothers until the cure! Yes! I test in front of anyone eating out , work, Planes, WDW, aNIMAL KINGDOM. HOLLYWOOD STUIDOS,EPCOT, MINI GOLF, BUSES last month in disney. No need to slow my park time i only had a week as it was lol!Yes! syringe.No ! If they dont like it i tell them to close there eyes and open when i say lol! Why ! should i feel any different or alinnated like eve on wallie

I don’t want to be a “closeted” diabetic. I test in public & don’t care. If I have to inject (don’t have a pump), I’ve done this in restrooms only because some restaurants are too dark to see 1/2 units on syringes. If I bring a pre-filled syringe, I’ve injected in public discretely. Usually, I ask people if they’re cool with this if I don’t know them well. So far, no one has objected. I guess if someone said it bothered them, I’d ask why.

I test in public and wear my pump proudly. It’s a lot easier when you have this realization:

Most people aren’t even paying attention to you.

Nobody has ever said anything to me by way of objection or obnoxious comment. If they did I’d tell them to mind their own f’ing business. The people you are with probably already know what’s up and you know if they mind at all.

I am discreet about testing, though, since I am exposing my blood. That’s what tables and laps are for.

I used to excuse myself, but after awile I figured that just took more time, so I just do what I need to do, but at a resteraunt I will give my shot under the table, some people cant take it

My view seems to be the consensus here. I am discreet but I don’t go out of my way to avoid being “seen”. If I know someone is uncomfortable I try to move away from (turn my back) so that they don’t see or notice. Some of my friends who are afraid of needles have even said they don’t even notice anymore. Now that I’m on the Pump, it’s even easier to be discreet. There is no shame in Diabetes. If someone has a question, I gladly answer without hesitation. I

I applaud those with the openness to test and bolus around others. I’m still not comfortable enough to be this way, even though I now wear a pump. It has less to do with actually making others uncomfortable, and more to do with me feeling more normal again. I’m sure in time I will get over it.

Q: Do you test in front of people?
A: It all depends on when I test. If I happen to be with people at the time I just take out my meter and test.

Q: Do you use a pen/syringe in front of others?
A: Yes. Unless the people I am with have a weak stomach. Then I will step away for a moment. I don’t need my friends passing out on me. If I use a standard syringe it bothers the squeamish people more than my pens do. I try to use my pens whenever possible.

Q: Do you hide your pump?
A: I don’t necessarily hide my pump so much as it is just more comfortable for me to just stick it in my pocket. I have hidden it in various places before just to avoid having to embark on a panel discussion of a sleu of questions from strangers wherever I may be at. Not that I mind the questions but some days you just don’t feel like explaining things.

Q: Is there a right or wrong answer?
A: No! There is no right or wrong answer.

I have given my insulin right through my clothing! It isn’t advised but I have don it.

It is morally wrong and probably illegal for someone to not allow you to test/inject/bolus wherever you are at the moment. It’s like asking you to please walk somewhere while you are fainting low or coma high. I refuse to retreat somewhere because someone just doesn’t like it. If it’s one of my friends yes but I have been questioned as to whether I am a drug addict…No It’s Insulin…I’m diabetic…Get over the stigma of people with needles having a drug problem.

If they did I’d tell them to mind their own f’ing business.

Sums it up perfectly.

I only try to hide my injections and the testing if I’m around people that don’t know about my D and I don’t feel like answering the questions that will inevitably follow if they notice me testing or bolusing.
Other than that I don’t hide anything, although I try to be discreet, because some people are squeamish about needles.

Do you test in front of people? Yes, unless I don’t know anyone. Usually I am around friends, co-workers or family so it’s no big deal.

Do you hide your pump? NO

If you do /do not… why? I don’t hide my pump because I don’t care if people know that I have diabetes. Most people don’t even know what an insulin pump is!!!

Yes I test in front of people and also my injections, My co workers all know my situation and are always looking after me, making sure I feel alright, asking questions like have you had something to eat? or if were going to do a certain evolution that may require more energy knowing if I’m low then I would need to eat prior to the work. Good to have people looking out for you.
My injections at a restaurant are done discreetly at the table, in the beginning I would excuse myself but not anymore.

Yes, I usually test in front of people. The only thing that would make me hesitate would be if I was in a hurry and around people that didn’t know me well. Too many questions may take too long…

I wear my pump in my pocket, but not for hiding it. It just feels much more secure in my pocket then it does on my belt, not to mention, more fashionable:) I will pull it out at the table if I need to, but not so much now that I have the Ping. I will usually test, then my glucometer acts as a remote, so I don’t have to bring out the pump.

I test in front of people, bolus in front of people, go low or get to high in front of people, show my pod to people. it’s a part of my life. People don’t ask if they can light a cigarette in front of me…lol I think it depends on the person. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to your question