Diabulimia?...theres an actual name for it?

Hey guys…
I came across this article on the internet. It talked about an eating disorder that I never knew exsisted. Diabulimia.
What is it for the people that never heard of it ( I hope I’m not the only one!), its when diabetics dont take enough insulin, or any at all, to help them loose weight faster.
Now heres the thing…I kinda used to do that to help me loose a few pounds. I obviously knew it was harmful to my body, but the way I looked at it ( not that it was right)…I’ll do it for a week, loose a couple of lbs and then I’d take my insulin as I should. And I always did go back. But know that I found out it is an actual disorder, I kind of feel a little bit angry with myself.
I dont with think I’ll be doing it again, espeically after today but, i dont know I kind of feel very lost as well. Should I see a doctor about this, just in case I do think of trying it again…or should I just forget I did it before and never do it again…I dont know what to do…

heres the article

Seeking help with something you feel lost about can never be a bad thing. If you feel overwhelmed by this, or just aren’t sure how you should be dealing with it, it may be the right thing for you to do. It’s certainly easier to confront and deal with issues knowing that the person isn’t judging you, or that they’ll lecture you.

Coming from someone who has also struggled with this…

its really serious and it can take over your life really fast. if you think you can just stop and not be tempted to do it again i would just forget about i and let it go, but if you find yourself being tempted i would see someone, or tell someone in your family or something so that you have some sort of accountability. take it from me- it can become an addiction. if you have any other questions or want to know anything else feel free to message me. ive been through treatments for it and am just coming out of it now, but am still struggling.

Hi Lama,

Helpful to see a therapist who specializes in eating disorders if you’re concerned. You may never do this again, but good to get insights to ward off the temptation.

My suggestion too is to talk with a therapist, if one is available to you .

Male persons with diabetes are observed with diabulimia as well . Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC has a ward for patients with eating disorders .I was not suffering from the disorder and lost 6 pounds in 5 days …muscle mass , when I was diagnosed …I know , what High BG’s can do . Be well , Lama

here’s a discussion we had on this subject with lots of helpful links


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