Did I just really do that--IKES!

so what did I do…well while multi-tasking while on the phone at work, testing my blood and trying to give a correction bolus of .5u…I did 4.4…with 3 already IOB…so I am drinking a coke and having some peanut butter…trying to head off the low as I am very insulin sensitive…and feeling really stupid!

Still can’t beleive I did THAT! :frowning:

you should get yourself to a hospital, as this can be very long lasting. been there. done that.

drank my coke, ate some PB…a soon as caferria opened at 11:30 had a burger (no bun) and some fires)

Holding at 129 with only 1u IOB now…so I should be fine–but geesh–some days!

Hi Denise,
I made a similar mistake last month. I had already filled my stomach with a very healthy, low carb salad and one hard cooked egg. Instead of shooting the 16 units of Lantus I had intended, I shot 16 units of Humalog right before going to bed. Thank the good Lord i realized my mistake right before the low hit me. I have to say that was the most bone jarring, teeth rattling low i have ever had,. i don’t want to do that again. I got me up to 120 and kept checking my blood sugar every 5 minutes for a couple of hours. Well actually for about an hour, then every 10 and then every 15 until I was sure i was going to be okay. But then I was afraid to go to bed. That was a rough night for me. I still don’t understand how I made that mistake. I am always so extremely careful and never have them both on the cabinet in front of me at the same time… so, I really agree with you. Geesh-----some days.

Awwww poor you.

I often grab for the remote when I want my pump or visa versa. :slight_smile: