Gave myself 28 UNITS by mistake!what should I do?

hi there.
I was gonna eat my lunch,my BG was 169 then,so I looked for my novo rapid pen,found it,then realized that I hadn’t taken my Lantus yet,when I looked for my pen,I found out that it’s already finished,so I got another one out of the fridge and waited,then took my novorapid first.
so,here is a quick test,what did I do?
hint"my sensitivity factor is 1 unit for every 35 points above the normal range.
my daily dose of lantus is 28,I took 28 units of novo rapid unconsciously thinking it was Lantus.
I already feel light headed,or its maybe because I ate too much at lunch :stuck_out_tongue:
the question is,what should I do?

Eat many glucose tabs, drink 3 glasses of sweet apple or orange juice, call your doctor and family. Test every 10 minutes and continue with glucose tabs if necessary.

Get someone to be near you if you need help. Let them know what actions would be helpful, and when to call for help. If you have a glucagon pen make sure that is handy. Although you may have already dealt with much of tthis, you will typically have some time to get prepared. Collect up a range of sources of sources of simple carbs, glucose tabs, orange juice and even table sugar. If you don’t have glucose tabs, each teaspoon of table sugar is 4.2 g carbs. Mix sugar in water and drink, What matter is not your ISF, but your insulin to carb ratio, which if it is 1:10, then you would need to consume about 280 g of carbs. Do your best to consume at least 200g of carbs from any available sources. The peak is 45-90 minutes, so the critical period will be during that time. Follow Holger’s suggestions to keep adjusting if you fall too low. Chewing glucose in your mouth can accelerate the absorption of the carbs.

This stuff happens. Do let us know that you are ok.

thanks Holger,you should be an educator.
thank god my brother is home.
test every 10 minutes,I was wondering about that,but it seems the right thing to do.

there was a comment Marps posted,where is it?!
thank god I noticed,stupid me,when I already pushed all of the dose,then figured what have I done,I waited as usual so then there won’t be those drops on the needle when I take it out and make sure the whole dose is delivered!
I am already shaking,hard to type,and I am hypo unaware!
my carb to insulin ratio is 1:10.then you made a good suggestion.
I will try,the problem is I am already full,I just ate half a sandwich,and penutbutter(I gorgot how to spel it :frowning: ),cappucino,which is too much for mee already.
thanks bsc for your concern,and your wise directions,I will update you as soon as I can.thanks everyonw for your fast response,I really am grateful.

keep checking ur blood sugars. 280 carbs is a lot ot eat. Try drinking it. :slight_smile:

I tried to edit my earlier post because I had read your insulin sensitivity to be your insulin carb ratio- so all of my calculations were wrong. :frowning:

simple sugars break down faster- juice, regular soda, brown sugar, cake frosting, glucose tablets.
Well, I guess frosting and soda aren’t simple sugars, but they break down pretty fast anyway

oh,that’s a really valuable advice,I haven’t thought about it !
oh,that explains it.
yeah,I know,I need both kinds,fast and slow,now,I need to focus on fast,thanks Marps

thanks moodi
I am kind of stupid right now,can’t think rationally,I am downloading some movies!
thank you,I don’t like honey particularly but I can do that too.

Marps was more right than I was:

You need to eat a lot of carbs (280g). I have read that you are full but you need to continue. The insulin will be active for a while. So you will have to eat against going low. Tell your brother about the Glucagon pen.

Yuppers Saya, Holger,Marps are right on their advise! All my family lives far away so my long distance bill would be high, but well worth it! One thing I always have stocked up in my house, car, backpack, Dex 4’s and juice boxes (tho’ today at -30C - juice boxes in car have either EXPLODED). Also - I wouldn’t be driving a vehicle at the moment if I’d taken a large doseage of insulin - but I’m sure you know not to do that. Hope we hear back from you that everything is alright.

thanks Anna,I always use juice boxes.
thanks everyone for your fast advices.
before the deadly dose:196.
next half an hour after:89.
after 10 minutes:66!
drank apple juice,15 minute later:98.
now I am drinking another apple juice.
I am trying not to use all of them since there are only 4 juices left

ate some biscuits.

This advise is perfect - but - experience has told me that the fast acting carbs will get used up quickly and you may start dropping again - make sure you have some protein…and some fat…peanut butter is great…whole wheat bread and peanut butter and jelly make something that will take longer to be absorbed.
Good luck - have been there many a time with D for 55 years…!!

I’ve read most of the responses before deciding to put my 2 cents worth in!

By all means, follow all the advice given when it comes to monitoring, calling friends/family to look over you, calling DR (most of all), sugar loading and, yes, carb loading for that down-the-way low. But try to remember not to overdo it. If you are clever at math (I am NOT!), then you can control it and not go overboard. Next time, dearie, try to remember to do things in one set order so that it becomes a habit to do so. I think you will probably not duplicate today’s actions if you use a check-off list.

Good health!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

When I was on shots, I once took my (I think it was Levemir at the time) night shot twice because I forgot I took it the first time.

I stayed up all night eating Cheerios … because nothing gets my BG up and keeps it there like Cheerios.

Hope all is going okay!

This has happened to me twice with insulin overdose. I used Log Cabin Syrup. 52 grams for 1/4 cup. Dilute the syrup with warm water makes it easier to swallow. It works. My wife was with me the whole time. Scary. Chocolate Syrup for ice cream works too but not as high in grams. I don’t know of anything else to eat that has the highest concentration grams for the amount to eat.

Lois is right not to overdo it. It takes time to get this back to normal. I too have a set routine of doing things to avoid errors. Sometime it does get rather mindless and going through the motions. You just have to be careful.

It’s funny… I did that yesterday… caught it before it had all delivered… gotta love the cancel bolus on the pump!

i have done this once mistaking my fast acting insulin for my lantus and took 25 units! you should drink fruit juice/chocolate/glucose tablets (yuck!) and constantly monitor your blood sugar every 30 minutes until you feel like you have leveled it off. relax its ok.