Did I make a test strip mistake?

I got a new prescription for Freestyle Lite strips for our new Omnipod, and then someone on another board said I was supposed to get regular Freestyle, not lite.

Do I need to call the endo and get yet another test strip prescription or am I okay with the Freestyle Lite strips? The two look pretty identical to me, I got some regular Freestyle strips in the shipment with the PDM and pods today.

You need to call your endo and get yet another test strip rx for regular Freestyle :)


Not if it's for the new freestyle lite strips. The new freestyle and freestyle lite strips are identical. I've compared both in several different meters and the results are always the same. Just make sure it's the new quick-wick ones with the butterflies on them because the old ones are different.

Yes, they have the butterflies on them.

Then you are ok either way.
I have wasted a lot of strips verifying with all three control solutions because my supply company started sending me the new lite strips. The are identical strips with different labels on the box. Why they make two labels is a mystery but I'm sure it was a marketing strategy which seems to be a big thing with Abbot.

Just because it has a butterfly on it does not mean it’s OK. My omnipod rep was very clear when she said to me: DO NOT GET THE LITE STRIPS.

In what can only be an effort to make our lives more complicated, the butterfly strips (indicating the Zipwik) are made in both lite and regular. Posting a visual link of the available strips below.

The Lite strips are only to be used with Freestyle Lite Meters. If you have a yellow box w/butterflies, you’re good to go. Blue box = new rx.


Just Checked - yellow with butterflies = good to go!!

I had a Freestyle lite meter before I got my Pod and the trainer told me not to use the lite strips get the Freestyle strips. Called Abbott, they told me to use only the Freestyle strips not the Lite strips for the OmniPod system. I'm like you, I tried both strips in my PDM and the results were +-5 mg difference with the same finger stick but I'm going to stick with what Abbott told me.

I use them all the same. Dont try to get the "normal" stripst everytime\...it is wasted energy! I did a simple at-home test, snd the results were the same.

Interesting. I feel like the built-in meter with the correct strips is already unreliable enough. For example, I have to use code 17 even though I’m supposed to use code 16 or else the readings are too low. I’d be worried that using the lite strips would just make the unreliability worse! Here’s to hoping the next generation is more reliable AND indicated for both regular and lite.

I was also told by OmniPod and CDE to use the regular strips NOT Lite. Whether there is a difference or not I don't know but I am sticking with what I was told!

Interesting reading this thread. I'm in Canada and I was told to use the lite strips. In fact my trainer/Diabetes Educator gave me two free boxes of the lite strips. I haven't had any problems for the past two months, so assume all is okay. The code is 16.

Either way, + or - 5 should mean that any bolus adjustments will be fairly accurate. I know that when I was on the pen, + or - 5 would not make a significant impact. Mind you, I just started using the Omnipod during this time, so I only have short lived experience.