Did you go to work during pregnancy?

Hi girls,
I recently got engaged and we are thinking about having a child. I will probably try to conceive after an year or so. What really worries me is how will I manage to keep such a perfect bg control during pregnancy if I work. At the moment I work as a support worker with children with special needs and my work at times is quite unpredictable, physically challenging and stressful. Also, I cycle to work and with physical activity my BGs move quite a bit sometimes.
I am wondering whether for the time when I am pregnant I have to switch to working on a desk...???
Has anyone of you worked a non-office type of work during prenancy (IE waitressing, support work...probably teaching...)?
How much time did you spend at work during pregnancy?

I will greatly appreciate any responds :)

I didn't work at all during my pregnancy. That was out of recommendation of my OB who was concerned that the stress of running my graphic design business might cause problems. But I also take care of my special needs 6 year old step son and he can be quite a handful at times. I actually got around 30 weeks and wasn't able to take care of him anymore and his grandparents took him through the week and his dad had him on weekends so I could rest. This was only because I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. At 18 weeks I was on partial bed rest 8 hours of bed rest two hours at a time and then at 30 weeks I was on full bed rest.

Thank you for your answer...Yes, I suppose it will depend on what doctors will recommend me as well. Seems like you went through a lot during your pregnancy, but I can imagine that having a child makes you very happy :)

I did work during my pregnancy. I mostly have an office job, but travel for work which was additionally taxing. I would suggest seeing how well you are able to control your sugars pre-pregnancy as a kind of gauge. I wasn't sure how I would do managing my sugars during my business trips due to random schedules, time changes, etc, but was able to handle it pre-pregnancy with some extra work, and so had the tools for when I was pregnant. If you really struggle to get a handle on your blood sugars pre-pregnancy, I would take it as a sign that it will be even harder pregnant. Just my two cents!

My son does make me extremely happy. We are trying again. We know what we are going into so we know that it could go that way or possibly a different way.

Thanks, Megan. Your advice sounds sensible, I will try to do this :)

Well done for being so brave :)Good luck for the second!

Hi Teo,

I am a kindergarten teacher and I just finished working this past week (I'm 35 weeks pregnant now). I rarely get to sit at my job and I didn't find it difficult to be working at all. I would still be working now if it were not for how many appointments I have to have (I thought it would be too difficult on the class to have someone different come in twice a week). I worked full time 8:00 - 4:00 every day during my whole pregnancy. I have had a bit of swelling in my feet the last few weeks, but that's the only issue I've had to deal with. I am on CGM system - which has been very handy and I keep dextrose on my lanyard (where my keys are) just in case I need to treat a hypo - but I had this prior to becoming pregnant anyways. My blood sugar often drops between 3 and 4 o'clock so I have refrained from coaching or doing any extra curricular activities for the school during my pregnancy, but that is the only change. Good luck with everything!!

Thank you, Tracy!
Your message sounds like it could be possible as well :)
I wish you good luck with your pregnancy till the end of it and very happy parenthood :)