Starting work and nervous about control :/

Hey guys!

So I am starting back at a new job this Sunday. Since my husband has gotten stationed in California I haven’t worked, just stayed home and took care of myself and my Diabetes to get it ready for future baby hopefully :wink: However, financilally it would be better if I got a job and would give me something to do so I applied and got hired :slight_smile: I will be working at a little cafe/coffee place at my hubbys work and I will be on my feet, I did similiar work before this and had terrible control! Since we are trying to have a baby its more important than ever to have good control, but I am just very nervous that my numbers will go bad again :frowning: However, this time around I am on a pump and I think that will help me out alot! I was just hoping for some encouragement, feedback, or just suggestions pertaining to my current plight :confused:

Thanks everyone!

Mariah :slight_smile:

Ugh, I wish you the best of luck! I was working at an ice cream shoppe as a waitress for 5 years and I had the worst control of my life while I was working there. Not because I was eating the ice cream, but because the hours were odd, The insurance was bad, and I was young and thought that starving myself was the cool thing to do.

Just keep yourself in check. Set an alarm on your watch to check your blood sugar every 3-4 hours, regardless if it’s busy or not. Your body comes before anything else- especially when you’re trying to make room for baby.

Good luck!!

Thanks, thats what I’m concerned about is losing this good grip that I have on it. I’ve never had this good of control and I just don’t want it all falling apart on me. the good news however is the shifts are pretty short and it would be mostly on the weekends, and not at night so that is good I think , I think I’m just going to have to tell them upfront what I need to do and hope that they are ok and will work with me, they seem like really nice people so I dont think it’s going to be an issue :slight_smile: It’s just kinda scary leaping into something when I dont know what the outcome will be, ya know? My main goal is to keep this body in good shape and make sure my numbers stay good for future baby :slight_smile:

If the cafe is a busy place then you might want to set a temp basal like you would when working out and test, test and test! Oh, and make sure you take into consideration your activity when using your correction factor. I use to waitress and wish I had had the pump back then. Good luck!


I worked in a restaurant for several years. It’s definitely challenging, with irregular breaks and constant access to food that’s not so good for you! I’m sure you’ll do well. You’re older and wiser, and you’ve worked hard at getting things into shape. Plus there’s a huge incentive to keep things going!!! The pump will give you a huge advantage. It will take a little bit to figure out how to adjust your basal and bolusing for breaks, but you’ll do great!!!