Did you know?

Did you know prescription strength Vitamin D 50,000 IU is Vitamin D2 and not Vitamin D3 ?

My Endo just prescribed D3 for me and said the Pharmacy’s usually have D2 instead of D3 which I need. I didn’t know this because the prescription only specified Vitamin D on it. This is my 3rd round of having to take these prescription strength vitamins. I don’t understand why, either? I’m outside in the sun almost all day long and I’m very active. Heck, I’ll most likely end up with skin cancer because I’m ALWAYS in the sun. Just can’t win!!!

You are not alone in the vitamin D lacking. A lot of us have the same issue. Had my test for it last month and the Doc prescribed 50,000IU of it 3 times a week.
If you look through some of the older posts on the site you will see that many of us have issues with that and other vitamins.

Did your Doctor mention anything about WHICH Vitamin to use… two verses three?

He put me on D2, I also got D3 suppliments at CVS. It has neen the difference between day and night for me.

My doctor never explained which vitamin D I needed to take. I took the 50,000 prescription and I felt a difference so I assumed I took the correct kind. However I am suppose to take vitamin D daily and I didnt know it was a specific type…

OTC D3 worked fantastic for me.

Back in January, my 25(OH)D was 6. I started taking 5,000 mg of OTC D3 daily, thinking I would probably need to ramp that up at some point, but my latest results came back yesterday at 52, just into the optimal range.

The prescription form of Vit D is D2 which is only marginally effective. My wife got a prescription, the pills cost $2.50 each. A total ripoff. I buy my vitamin D as D3 from Costco, they have a Natures Bounty Vitamin D3 in 5000 IU gelcaps, a bottle of 300 for $13.

I am vitamin D deficient as well despite getting lots of sun. So I take 10,000 IUs/day and have my levels checked frequently by my Dr.

D2 is the form made by plants, D3 is the form animals, including us, make. D3 is more potent as far as bringing up D levels, The positive effect from D2 also does not last as long. Since D3 is cheap there is really no reason to take D2, except if you are a vegetarian, as D3 is derived from animal products. Here’s a link with a more detailed explanation.

There is some thought that diabetics have problems with D and may require higher levels of supplementation. I always get my D checked as I’m at 40, still a little low. I take 10,000 units of D3 daily.

If I’m reading my labs right, D2 is normally what you get from diet and supplements, D3 is what you normally produce. The test I was given only indicates deficiency if the sum of the two is below threshold.

Do not take the 50,000 unit capsule more than 3 times per week. If you do, you run the risk of overdosing on the vitamin. If you have been prescribed it more than 3 times per week or are considering taking it more than three times per week - talk to your doctor first, please.

Yep, my level was a 9. I was prescribed 50,000 IU once a week for 8 weeks, then 1000 a day for four weeks.
My Endo disagreed with that, and said 2000 a day forever…
Test results not in yet from my second blood test.
Was told only to use D3 and found a nice bottle of 300 pearl tabs for $7.00.

I was prescribed 50,000 twice a week for 8 weeks. Then maybe more if the levels don’t come back up.
My level was 5.something.

I dont think any of these medical professionals go by the same plan on this!

wow. thanks for sharing!

I end up on a 50,000 dose for 6 weeks about twice a year. I’ll hold onto D for awhile and then next thing you know I stop absorbing it again. It’s baffling.