Did you see this? Totally different kind of artificial pancreas

This thing is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It is not an electronic device and it administers insulin in a unique way. The article says they will be heading into human trials within 2 years.

Did you guys see this?

Here is the link:


Great concept… I’ve been thinking for some time that specially encapsulated injectable “smart insulin” would be a huge step forward

Quote: "It works like a healthy pancreas should, regulating blood sugar by releasing just enough insulin into your bloodstream". It will be most interesting how they solved the "just enough" part of the dosage problem. So far the information at hand is very sparse. It is also interesting that they often talk about "the pain of injections" and not the real pain: the pain of 24/7 control in full responsibility of us - the patients. We will see if this really is an AP or just an insulin application device.

They have much more advanced stuff over in Europe.

im in europe and we got the same stuff as you guys! i WISH! i agree with holger about how they make it like injecting is the worse thing about this-my gp said, oh, i dont want to make you get stuck again, when she sent me for bloodwork, and i just thought, over 1000 shots a year, i think i can deal with one more!
the injections are the BEST part of diabetes!

There are more options in Europe. In U.S., we only have two pump manufacturers.We have more users of the technology, tho'...http://www.diabetesmine.com/2011/08/insulin-patch-pumps-in-europe-a-taste-of-things-to-come.html