Smart Insulin....2009

Been a big fan of these guy since the beginning…

OK, this is cool stuff! I will stay tuned on this one!

Wow…I am excited about this! Thank you for the info! How great this would be,something to look forward to for sure.

I have forwarded the article to some of my pumper buddies.
Thanks for the post.

I’ve heard about this before. It does look promising, but I hope they can work quickly. Since Phase 1 human trials have not yet begun, we’re looking at 5 years or more before this has a chance of coming to market.


I agree. The one advantage I see in this over some of the other possible therapies is that we don’t have to worry about any immune rejection and the fact that its really just a modified version of insulin that has already shown to work in animals it seems very likely it would transform to Humans without problems. I think they are supposed to start human trials early 2010. Not sure while trials take so long? I realize they have to be sure the product is safe but In reality todays current Insulin is not safe at all but its all we have. The bottom line is it will work or it won’t and if it does maybe they will speed things up for us.

I’m liking this. A lot.

This is the sort of thing where you’ll know pretty damned quick if it doesn’t work at all. Heck, I could design that study pretty easily - take no bolus insulin, inject 5U of this stuff, drink a can of Coke, and wait five minutes.

I’m curious as to how they’ll design the study to actually test it long term. I imagine it’ll focus on A1C and require continuing to use “regular” insulin at reduced doses, at least for the first go-round.

Very exciting product, though!


Yay! Now I’m a fan, too!!

How exciting & encouraging! Almost, almost as good as a cure & hopefully something that all could afford.

It’s good to see progress on Smart Insulin.

And the fact that its supported by JDRF makes it even more encouraging.

Let’s hope that trials go well.


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Well of course there needs to be testing for the safety of the drug in the short or long term. This includes testing for interactions with other drugs and how varied the response to the drug is from person to person. That will probably take the bulk of time because showing it controls blood glucose should be, like you said, pretty straightforward.

FWIW this is a letter I rec’d from Dr Zion nearly 2.5 years ago.

Hi Gary,

Apologies for my delayed response. Thank you for your best wishes. It keeps us going strong knowing that there are folks out there supporting us all along the way. This year promises to be very busy with collecting data on large human-representative animals and preparing for our formal regulatory interactions. We’re working as hard as we can to get this into human clinicals as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on doing things right. Even if it takes a little longer, it will be well worth it in the end.

Please stay in touch and know how dedicated we are to making SmartInsulin a reality.

Best regards,


OH MAN!.. HURRY!!! LOL Can’t wait! can’t wait!

Smart guys, smart insulin:) I wonder what happens to the insulin if it is not required by the body in the given injection interval?


The whole point of this therapy is you would be able to inject the stuff and it would stay stored/protected until the threshold of elevated glucose activated it. Essentially if your body would not need it because your in the normal threshold range it would stay dormant keeping levels stable. Kind of like setting your thermostat on your AC. If its 80 degrees and you set your thermo to 70 once it hits 70 it shuts off. As far as the possible leftover insulin not used I am not 100% sure though someone on another forum suggested that its supposedly flushed out of your system at about the 24 hr interval. I have not read any factual data by the company in regard to that statement so I am not sure about that. It’s a brilliant idea and if it works that tightly it would make living with diabetes a night and day difference. In general I am probably more excited about this therapy then anything else just because if it works it should be available for all diabetics unlike islet or pig islet transplants at hopefully and affordable cost. In the end I’d like to see either Faustman or Exsulin crack the code for regneration. Unfortunately we are still a good 5 to 7 years away from any of these therapies so its hard to stay excited.