Diet tips suggestions

Please if you don’t mind could you talk about or mention how you manage your diet daily. What you eat, what you stay away from. Cost of food. How often you eat. How many highs or lows you get average daily weekly monthly. Thank you very much.

I eat a moderate carb diet now. About 100-120 per day not including low treatments. Nearly all my carbs come from non starchy veggies and fruits and almond flour gf grain free products. I am gliten and grain free because any grains spike my bg a lot. And I have either gluten sensitivity or celiac and was in hospital with digestive issues and close to dka 3 years ago, so I had been off gluten already for 3 years but then I started sterilizing and separating my dishes which helped.

The diet is going to be different for each person. Before my diagnosis I was vegetarian and then vegan and that was when I got sick. It is too high carb for me now.

I eat moderate proteins, chicken and eggs mostly. Cheese but no milk as it spikes me. Mostly it is controlled by what spikes bg. I eat higher fat but it is problematic because I have trouble absorbing it according to a test years ago. I have ibs and a lot of digestive issues. But the fat stops the feeling of starvation I get from being on insulin. I am experimenting with a fiber supplement again and it seems to help that feeling as well.

I really don’t eat enough though but that is the only way for me to manage it.

I have lots of lows and bg goes all over, very fast drops and spikes at times. This diet and the pump is the best way for me to manage it so far. Starting treatment of hashimotos with t3 added helped a lot.

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I eat pretty much what I want when I want it. I never had over weight issue only an underweight issue when I was younger. I generally eat from breakfast 2 boiled eggs and a cup of unsweetened yogurt with s some fruit. What ever I have around. If my sugar is low I’ll switch some oatmeal for the yogurt. At lunch I’ll eat some kind of roasted veggies and lean meat like a chicken breast. Sometimes I’ll have it in sandwich form. For dinner I’ll eat almost anything. Even burritos or roasted chicken. With a small side of some pasta and roasted veggies. I pay extra for organic veggies because I just love the taste.
Sometimes I’ll eat chili or quiche. Califlower mashed instead of mash potatoes is awesome because there is almost no carb but tastes sooo good.
If I want something sweet,something fruity is good. I make my own apple turnovers and apple pie with. No added sugar because apples are plenty sweet. Cut up Mellon is a good choice too.
Yogurt parfait.
I have a family so I will generally eat whatever everyone else eats I just pull back on the carbs. I gave up on pizza years ago because I could never dose insulin for it.
I avoid Chinese food because the carb content is so Hugh and so unexpected. I got a small bowl of orange chicken from panda and I think I took 10 units to offset it. And it kept going high through the night.
I usually use about 4 units for an average meal.