Differentiating Low Symptoms?

Hi, I’m pretty knew around here, this is my first post actually. :smiley:

I’ve been a diabetic for close to ten years now, and have grown to really really know my body well from it. In fact I usually know I’m low, before I even get symptoms.

I always, and I mean always, have the same exact low symptoms. And have had the same symptoms since I was diagnosed.

But lately (like in the past month) I’ve been getting much different symptoms. For example; today i got really dizzy, like to the point where I couldn’t walk straight. Whereas I’ve never ever gotten dizzy from being low in my entire life.

And sometimes at night I’ll get the feeling of being high, and I check and I’m actually low. And that has never happened before either.

Has anyone else ever began developing new symptoms after years of the same stuff, or should i be worried?

hey Matt,

symptoms, for me, depend on the severity of the low. I could just get a tingling feeling, if I am in the high 60’s, to a full blown shaking sweating mess if I am in the low 60 to 50’s. or, and this can be wierd, if I am 90+ and dropping really fast.

so about how low are we talking here?

I have had Type 1 since 1990, but for some reason, in early 2006, I would get tingly/numb lips and tongue when I was low. It stopped happening after a few months, but my endo told me it’s not uncommon to have changing symptoms as you get older. I would watch any change in symptoms for possible hypo unawareness coming on - that was what I was afraid of. But now I’m back to whatever symptoms I had before.

Yes they had changed over time and usually at night they are a little different than during the day and I went on a period of time were when I felt I was low I was already on 30’s.

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I can’t feel a low at 60’s, like you can. It’s not until I’m in the 50’s or below, that I become aware of those fun symptoms–feeling spacey, dizzy & stupid. Haven’t been diabetic that long, but I’ve noticed a difference between lows during the day & those at night. Wonder what this means.

I’ve been diabetic for over 36 years. When I was younger my doctor told me that my hypo (low) symptons would start to change around the 20 year mark. The symptoms started changing around 15 years. I’ve run the course of “sensations”. I’ve had dizziness, tingling, shaking, sweaty, twitchy foot (don’t ask!)… you name it. I’ve seen it.

You mentioned that you know your body. That is your best defense. As time goes on, the low symptoms will continue to “evolve” and change. My only recommendation is to check your blood as frequently as possible because no 2 “lows” will ever be the same from here on out. A lot of it depends on what brought on the low: exercise, too much insulin, too little food. And, what you’ve been doing around the time of a reaction will further add to the differences.


MelissaBL, that’s so funny, from time to time when I am low I get a numb tongue and lips and sort of yucky butterfly feelings in my stomach. I haven’t talked to anyone else with the numb tongue though. Strange. Wonder what the deal is with that…since it’s not a usual feeling when I’m low. It happens randomly.