The symptoms get worse as time goes by

I have noticed lately that my symptoms of low blood sugar has changed. They seem to be getting worse. I used to only get shaky and a “weird feeling” in my stomach. Now I experience both of these symptoms plus getting light headed and it seems as if the world is spinning around me. Has anyone else have this happen to them before?

Yes, every few years they change for me. When I was kid I’d get very shaky. That was my main symptom - shakiness.

Then I transitioned to shaky with that lightheaded feeling. Then I stopped the shakiness and added in sweatiness. Then I added in extreme hunger.

Now my lows are mostly indicated by being very warm, having a weird ‘floaty’ feeling in my limbs, and sometimes hunger. I also notice that when I’m REALLY LOW, like low 40s or upper 30s, my lips go totally numb.

I have noticed over time my symptoms changed from feeling a little off to complete numbness of my mouth or hands and everything in between. I also had one point where every low blood sugar had a different symptom. Hopefully it is not too bad for you that you can still deal with them without assistance.

Ever since I was dx’ed ( 12 years ), I get the same symptoms when I am low. Usually I feel tired and shaky, also I get sweaty,and when I get really low ( 30’s or lower ) I get disoriented and don’t know how the check my BS or know that I need food. My husband usually knows before I do that I am low and he will tell me to eat something. There is a wide variety of symptoms, but as long as you get any symptoms you can remedy the low. When you don’t get any symptoms and you are low, that is not good. If you are not sure, always err on the side of caution and eat something.

Fellow by the name of Dr, Cox (UVA) has done a lot of work on B.G.A.T. (Blood Glucose Awareness Training) One of the conclusions he seems to have reached decisively is that symptoms change. Or maybe we had the other symptoms before but they were in the background.

Bottom line yup symptoms will and do change.

Yes…I sure have, and its good for me, I know what it is, and I need to fix it…If your getting alot of Lows, have you adjusted your Insulin or eating changed?

When I was young I would shake lots and not even know what it was, but thanks to Meters, back then they didn’t have them. So I had no clue.

numb mouth… the worst

Mine depend what I am doing sometimes I slip into the 60s and I get moody and/or my back sweats, sometimes I get shaky and feel weird. 50s all of the above