Diluted Insulin

Hey everybody,

since I’ve been doing the program of Bernstein I only need very small amounts of Insulin. Sometimes I just need about 0.3 units of Insulin for a meal. But it’s really difficult to get exactly 0.3 units in a U100 syringe. Actually I thought I could buy diluted Insulin but the pharmacy told me that it’s not on the market anymore.I live in Germany; I don’t now weather it’s different here.
Does anyone have the same problem and an idea how to solve it?

It's funny, after having the pros and cons conversation of insulin pumping and low carbing, here is another excellent example of how they are useful.

Steffi. You can inject accurate amounts down to 0.1 with an insulin pump. This combined with not having to use long acting insulins any more...I don't know how it works in Germany with health care, but is there any way you could investigate this as an option?


Hey Rob, thank you so much for your reply.

At the beginning I did use a Insulin pump but for me it didn't work that well. The catheter often didn't work and I woke up being really high! Also I stopped using my pump because Bernstein writes that one shouldn't inject more than 7 units in the same spot because then it will unpredictable how the Insulin works.
But there are also a lot of pros using a pump and I'm sure for some people the pump is much better!

Yes, like everything there's good and bad.

We covered that briefly, and thought perhaps the Doctor may have had a problem with scar tissue for it to have been such a point of issue with him.
I personally haven't ever found it to be the case, in fact quite the oposite in a sense.

When I was trying to inject for a 'normal' diet, I'd quickly destroy the site with high doses, but as you mention, a meal for me is often .7 of a unit, and I find my sites work right up until I need to change them over now.

I'm sure some others will have some suggestions for you.

Good luck.

I've followed Bernstein's regime for a couple of years, but like another responder, I also use an insulin pump. I did have difficulties with infusion sets to begin with. This was due to finding a location without scar tissue. Sounds unusual, but I have loss lots of weight and the stretch marks or indicative of the scar tissue. It has been impossible for me to inject tenths of a unit without my pump.