Disaster preparedness survey for people with diabetes

Natural disaster preparedness is important for everyone — but people living with diabetes (and use insulin) can be especially vulnerable to any disaster that interrupts access to refrigeration, medication, and supplies.

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the worst on record. For some of those living in the path of damaging storms, life returned to normal within days. For others, it took weeks or even months to return home to permanent shelter, electricity, access to food, medicine, and other basic needs. And some, of course, remain in the process of rebuilding their homes and communities.

TuDiabetes are part of the Diabetes Emergency Relief Coalition alongside the American Diabetes Association, JDRF, Insulin for Life and others. In light of the life-or-death realities of the disasters, we must make sure that people with diabetes who needed insulin and supplies in those storm-affected areas got what they needed.

First step – complete this survey on Natural Disaster Preparedness. This will help the Diabetes Emergency Relief Coalition better understand the needs of patients and caregivers in order to create effective preparedness and relief programs.

Take the survey here.

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BEST SURVEY EVER. Because I get to check a box saying I’m a ham radio operator!


Is this survey restricted to the US, or open to Canadians?

Canadians, too. The first page asks for “State/Province/Territory where you live,” though my pulldown menu included only states.

Yes, @beacher it is US date what they are seeking for.

Then they should make that clear in the survey. On the introductory page they do not say that the Diabetes Emergency Relief Coalition is US-only, and nowhere do they say they want answers only from US residents. The first page of the survey also asks for “Province/Territory” and “Postal Code,” terms that apply only to Canada, which is misleading if they do not wish to hear from Canadians.

Yes, it should be made clear in the survey. And also in the post and/or post title.

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