Disposal of old meds

We still do not have a good solution to disposing of old med pills or liquids. I just noticed a new article about it on motherjones.com (it is truly only about the topic for those who don't like the site). here They have an environmental writer who does some good stuff.
But we still only have the periodic community collection days that only some communities have. And, as often happens with me, you have to have the time to go to one of the sites nearest you on the date.
But I had a weird thought. It may gross you out but here goes: What if crematoriums collected the drugs and disposed of them one day a year? Would that work? There may be some law against such a thing. Or what about a big community bonfire one day a year. Would that work? It seems that burning of the drugs is the only environmentally safe disposal, from what I read.
Oh, and I am headed to a crematorium when my life runs out so it is not as if it would bother me if the day before me, they burned old drugs.
If anyone wants admin to delete this, I could care less. I just think it is an important topic, as one with a bag full of old pills.