Green Diabetes?

I love to recycle and reduce my carbon footprint, as much as I can. I dont drive a hybrid or anything but I do think every little bit counts. I do not use electricity unless its really needed and I never run water for long periods of time. Although I am very thankful that strips, insulin filled pens, needles and all the other accessories help me to live on a daily it is all pretty wasteful. I mean we as diabetics go through countless un-reusable supplies everyday but it is unavoidable. It seems like there should be some kind of recycle process for those who use medical supplies in their everyday life. Curious by nature and being part nerd I looked it up. Omni Pod is a eco-friendly company. Omni Pods are taken apart and the metal inside is recycled while the remaining of is “pulverized” (their words). I didnt come across anything else in my search but more of how to dispose correctly. I would love to do something cool with my used supplies but I dont have the imagination or the closet space for an idea just yet.

well maybe an art project will be a good idea, not sure how it will be recieved though, after all most of the things we use are a bio hazard! lol just sayin!

Good to know Omnipods are at least partly recycled. Such waste to have a disposable pump. Those things have a lot of plastic. I’m assuming that pulverized means it just takes up less space in landfills.

This is a good idea! I like your nerd side. It bothers me too how much plastic waste I create. But, these items really can’t be reused. And there is usually plastic and metal combined. At least they are small. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved at at some point in time. Thanks for posting this.

Great thinking Rye!

Unfort as others have said medical products have a stigma in relation to recycling/reusing and in part for very good reason. While you don’t want to recycle/reuse any sharps there should be no reason why the plastic caps and other bits and pieces can’t be made out of recyclable plastic. There are also companies that recycle electronic equipment (computers etc) and I would suggest that you recycle any old blood sugar meters that are broken or that have been replaced. When I changed from syringes to pens I was left over with a huge box of them. While I like to keep a couple on hand for emergencies I have also put a few to use in other ways - for example, they are a very handy tool when doing DIY by using them to ‘inject’ glue into hard to reach or really tight spots :slight_smile: