As some of you may know on here that I have had struggles with my sugars in the past, I have been doing very well with my sugars lately and last Tuesday I had to have some surgery for some female issues. All went well and sugars were great. Saturday I was with my bd and were going about our day and planning to go boating and all of a sudden I got sick and started vomiting and had to call 911. I ended up in dka AGAIN. How could I go into dka so quickly. They said it was mild dka but still I had to go into icu. I’m on the pump and my sugar earlier that morning was 124. They hadn’t been hi at all for the previous week…i just don’t get it. All I can think is cause I had surgery Tuesday

Wow. Glad you're feeling better.
I've had DKA twice in my 38 years w/ db, but neither episode came on suddenly. I guess it shows that, once again, each of us is different.
What did the doc have to say about the sudden onset?

Well, I have been in it many times due to non compliance but now I am doing much better.i wrote an email to my doctor today and he told me that now that I’m on the pump dka can happen easier. He said that an interruption of only two to three hours of insulin deliver can put you into dka. We believe this all had something to do with my surgery. I also am very brittle

Sounds like your pump in insert may have had an issue. I know that when a pump doesn't quite work right, that BG moves very very quickly. One of the few negatives to being on a pump.

I am with Scott on this. When you have a site failure on the pump, if it isn't detected you can run out of insulin fast. Since a pump uses rapid insulin within about three hours of a site failure you won't have any circulating insulin. No basal, no bolus, no IOB. If you eat on top of that, you can have a high blood sugar real quick and DKA can then start to set in pronto (circulating insulin suppresses the onset of DKA). You might check to see if your pump logged a site failure and be alert to the possibility that it isn't detecting those failures properly.