Current events

this is my 1st blog entry, i hope this can be a positive and encouraging experience for you readers, if not then at least i hope it is educational. I was under the impression that I was managing my diabetes well but I landed myself in the ICU with Ketoacidosis for a long weekend. Oddly, I felt great going in and now I feel terrible, and have felt poorly since being released. I keep a stiff upper lip and hide much of my pain from my family, but they can see the pain in my face, the way I walk, and I am much more quiet now. On the positive side, my blood sugar levels have never looked so good before!

Glad your doing better and great first post! Looking forward to reading more.


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I have had 2 episodes of DKA in my 34 yr db career. And, yes, the leave you drained for many days after. One doc told me it was like running a marathon with no training beforehand.
I thought that as soon as my bg was back in range I’d be better, but, I guess the DKA gets your system so out of whack that it take time to recover.
Stay the course and stay well.

Hope that you are feeling better soon! I agree with Kathy-- once the DKA is totally behind you, the great blood sugar numbers will make you feel GREAT! When I first got good numbers regularly, I was shocked at how much energy I had! I had gotten used to high numbers and didn’t realize how tiring they were.

Look forward to you next blog post!