Do you carry Glucagon on a daily basis?


Backpack (child). Backpack (parent). Kitchen. Vehicle. D-Supply Bag. Supply cabinet. Computer Room. School Nurse.

Note that I believe in the expiration on the (solid - unopened) Glucagon about as much as I believe in the expiration dates on aspirin or bottled water.

The school nurse seems to care (about the expiration date) so I get a new one each year to keep the Nurse happy.

I am perfectly fine to carry these around and never be required to use them.


Same here. Haven’t used one since I went on a pump in '96. I don’t remember how far back I used glucagon, which I used at least 3 times.


Never… but I always have gummi bears on me!


Yes. One in my purse and one by my bedside. I carry everything I need in my purse, extra dex sensor, insulin, syringes, extra inset and meters test strips and so on. Juice and g tabs etc in my purse, car and at work. People who dont carry the necessities for an emergency are taking a risk. I go into dka easily with dehydration and any pump/ inset issues, insulin degradation in my pump etc., it has happened 2x the past 3 months, at home fortunately. I’ve had bad lows and if I were not responding to eating, I’d use the glucagon myself. The only thing I dont carry since being on a pump is my long acting for if my pump fails completely. If I were to travel again I would take that too.


No, I’m a Star Burst fan. But I only like them so I can leave them alone when I don’t need them. I have to check pockets before I do laundry. I can unwrap them in the dark.


No. No one to administer. Hypo unaware down to at least 25, so I depend on CGM to prompt me to check BG. I have started carrying 4g glucose tablets instead of just using a piece of fruit or candy.


Sorry about that. I was putting in my reply and the phone rang. I had put in nauseous, but it must have gotten deleted. I get extremely nauseous.