Do you change your infusion set in public?

I was about to catch a train by the airport and I had to hurry and change my set since it ran out of insulin earler in the morning. People just stared at me while I was putting in the needle. Jeez.

For us, it is a normal task. For them, it is unusual.

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Simple as that. You did the right thing. So far, we have never had to change in public. I’m sure people can figure out you are doing a medical procedure; I wish they would not be so rude and stare.

Geez, I’m usually not shy but I won’t change mine in front of anyone. My dad has asked to watch and I said No! I had to do an emergency set change at work and I went to the “private” office. I got the boss to put paper on the glass and put a lock on it so I could use it for stuff like that. I also use my butt and thighs for my infusion sets, so if I needed to look, I had to drop trou.
About 6 months after I got the boss to make that unused office private, we had 2 pregancies in the office, so after that it was used for pumping milk, too I guess I should have referred to it as the Pump Room!

I just went on the pump, and I would have no hesitation in doing it in public - bathrooms aren’t exactly clean to put an infusion set in. When I was injecting, I did it in public all of the time and got lots of looks. Like Tom said, I would probably look too if it was something new to me.

Dual purpose! LOL

Why wouldn’t people stare? You’re doing a medical procedure in front of them and it’s probably something they’ve never seen before. It’s not something most people see every day. Plus there was all that medical litter around.

Frankly, I wouldn’t consider changing an infusion set in public unless it was an absolute emergency. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have an extra infusion set with me unless I was travelling. Testing my blood or taking an injection, no problem, but I would actually feel that I was intruding on people if I changed an infusion set in public because of all the medical waste involved. It is a medical procedure after all. It’s not a far step from changing a bandage in public . . . closer to flossing your teeth in public. I wouldn’t subject people to that.

But that’s just me.


eeewwwwww…flossing in public, Terry. The thought of that makes a point with me. YUCK. Last night’s dinner and bits of things being flicked all over the place. Gross.

It was not even changing the silly infusion set… it was clipping it on to the pump. I mean this woman stared at forever thinking I was doing drugs… lol

I hope to be on a pump soon, and I’m wondering… I’ve been testing and giving shots in the public very often, and I really don’t care about people looking. But how long does it take you to change a set, especially in public, e.g. when you don’t have a table or you have to watch out for people accidentally jostling you? Are there any tricks?

From unloading my pump and to the end, less than a few minutes. I have been on a pump for about 17 years. So Im pretty experienced. I hurry and do the infusion first so I dont have to worry about people bumping me.
And as I walk towards the terminal , i do the rest.

yea Im crazy here.

This is what happens when you are a commuter everyday on the train to DC!

YIKES! I’m impressed, Tina. I’m a new pumper. I won’t tell you how long it takes me b/c you’ll fall over laughing. But I will tell you that I spread everything out on the bed and follow the manual step-by-step. When I didn’t do that, I found myself trying to insert a sensor with the plastic guard still on, turning the insulin resevoir the wrong way and watching the insulin pour onto the floor, etc., etc. I hope to get more up to your speed soon! Ok, now stop laughing! —Anthony

I am to much of a germaphobe to change my site in public. I have just gotten over the germ factor to test my bloodsugar at work. I am a teacher so there are alot of germs where I work. I wash my hands and use an acohol swab!

I do my bloodsugar anywhere. Even walking on the street in Washington DC! I was at lunch programming my pump at a restyarant and saw a guy starting at me and I already had a bad day and I just snapped and said what the hell are you look at?!?! Mind ur damn business! He was like uh nothing and I said stupid guy a he walked away. I was having a bad day for sure. I’m usually a very friendly young gal and smiles alot but this must be my worst. A million possibiies

  • I’m nervous about my upcoming surgery on Tuesday, last class tmw - prolly going to pull an all nighter to finish projects

There I vented out.

i have actually, twice. well one was on an airplane but i did that in the bathroom. i was a little concerned to be taking out all those supplies in plane view of everyone, bc i could only imagine the worst case scenario, that someone thinks all the tubing and vials is some kind of explosive i’m hooking up to my body. a little excessive maybe, but think about that… (i had to do it because i had changed my infusion site before boarding, but it somehow came unstuck or pulled off in the jostling to get on the plane)
the other time was on clinical rotation in the ER. totally changed my infusion site with an audience of the nurses doctors and techs, most of whom were paying attention out of curiousity.

I have never changed the infusion set in public. I am too vain to let any one see my once firm mid section. I have changed/ filled the resevoir in public, once, and it was at an airport. I did not have time to go into the restroom. I discreetly disconnetced the set, filled the resevoir, rewound the pump, and stuck the resevoir back in. I told the woman sitting next to me, who was staring, that “I am diabetic, this device is how I take my insulin. I have to fill it before I get on the plane.” She and the other starers seated across from me were ok with it… Their eyes and mouth formed an “Oh…” of acceptance . and then they went back to their magazines…

God BLess