Do you get your Autonomic Nervous System tested?

I know many of you are unfamiliar to this concept of diabetic testing, which is why I thought this current topic in the medicial field would raise some eyebrows on our network. First and foremost, I wanted to raise some questions, and then hopefully we can all answer them together…

Do these affect you, or your loved one?..

-Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (DAN)
-Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy (CAN)
-Autonomic Dysfunction

Hopefully, we can All research a little bit, before we draw any conclusions. I know quite a bit, but I first wanted everyone to ‘google it’… or if any of you are subsribers to the online organizations…like ADA, AHA, AAN, etc…you can post a link to a specific article?

(Diabetic Father w/ DAN and CAN)

I am very aware of these complications. Serious stuff! I have not, as yet, read of anyone online, nor do I know of anyone who suffers from any of these. It is great that you are willing to open up this topic, help educate us, and alert us as to what to look for to diagnose these and maybe info on how to treat, i.e., sharing tips on finding the right doctors, etc. Thanks for opening up this topic. We all need to learn more.

This is the best summary of diagnostic testing for the autonomic neuropathies I have found. Reasonable information is difficult to find on a free and open basis and those of us who can’t toot off to a major medical library are at a disadvantage.

The article you posted requires a login.

All I know about DAN is that the common manifestations are: gustatory sweating (sweating around the face caused by eating cheese or other foods), blood pressure fall >30mmHg on standing, diarrhoea and impotence. Gastroparesis and bladder dysfunction too, but that is rare. People also report blunted counter-regulatory responses to hypoglycemia - but you have to be careful with this one because sometimes you have hypoglycemic unawareness just because you have had too many lows.

I probably didn’t help at all, but that’s all I got.

Here is an interesting article that does not require an login…

Thanks for your comment, Greg. I had trouble finding the original discussion when I clicked on links to it. I read the Vinik article that you posted. So CAN, can be tested for? If so, can it be detected before symptoms occur? This issue of exercise intolerance interests me. The Type I in my family seems to have normal heart rate response to excersise challange. The Type II will have little change in heart rate with a physical challange and gets easily short of breath.
Aunt of type I and sister-in-law of Type II

Thanks Meg, sorry for commenting weeks later, but TuDiabetes was not allowing me to comment the last week or so, I dont know what the dilemma was, but I can respond now…so…here it is…

Yes, CAN can be tested. I had my diabetic father tested for his autonomic nervous system. It involved him seeing a doctor in New York City with a medical device that was operated under a technology software company, Ansar. This device can assess many different issues relating to autonomic dysfunction, and autonomic nueropathies. I would suggest you asking your doctor if they have any available in your area. It’s an interesting topic lately, as many doctors are going to CME courses on Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction…so if your doctor is on the younger side, he might be more aware about the complications of CAN and what to do about it…gotta run. Ill check the site tonight…thanks