Do you have any foods that get you through?

I did very strict low carb for almost four years but haven’t for the last six or so. I started back last tuesday and I’m going crazy. I can’t remember what I used to eat. I’m okay for meals, usually just some kind of meat and a salad or other veggies, but I have really been feeling the need for something sweet and snacky. I think I used to rely on cheesecake and a thing I used to make with sugar free jello/sour cream/cream cheese, but I think that stuff kept me from losing weight. If I don’t figure out something besides that though, I may have to go back to cheesecake bc otherwise I’m afraid I’m just not going to be able to stay so low carb.

A couple of nights ago I had a spoonful of natural peanut butter with some splenda mixed into it and that was surprisingly satisfying. I’ve also been frying sliced almonds in butter and sprinkling them with salt and splenda, which is a pretty nice snack, too. But I need something else!

These cookies are ridiculously good and extremely satisfying. Obviously you have to limit yourself to a few, which is hard for me!

Chocolate mousse is fabulous, too, and you can just have a spoonful of that at a time. I found a recipe in “The Low-Carb Cookbook” by Fran McCullough that is extremely easy, few ingredients, and is awesome. There are a few other dessert recipes in there (and many main course/side dish recipes) that are fabulous, I highly recommend buying that book!

She suggests taking some whole milk ricotta cheese and sprinkling cinnamon, low carb sweetener, sugar-free syrups, whatever on top. It is a quick cheese-cakey type of recipe that doesn’t require you to go through all the hassle. Plus then you’re not left with a huge cheesecake grinning at you, calling your name to eat the whole thing!!

Fast and dirty, some pecans with stevia and cinnamon sprinkled on top and a couple of squares of 70% or greater dark chocolate. Has 0 effect on my blood sugar.

I think I will try that mousse. I think that’s something that I could eat just a little of even if there’s more sitting in the fridge. And sounds like it would hit the spot! I bookmarked the cookies. I love coconut but I need to wait for a time when I trust myself more.

The ricotta thing reminds me of something I used to do – I’d put a couple of eggs, ricotta, splash of cream, some sweetener, a dash of salt and a bit of vanilla all beaten together in the micro for a couple of minutes for a breakfast-y treat. I don’t have a microwave now, though. I may have to experiment w the stove/oven.

That’s awesome that you don’t see a bs rise. I’ve been thinking about dark choc but not sure how carby it was. I’m gonna go to Whole Foods in a day or two to see if they have coconut flour, so I’ll look for some there.

It surprises me too. I usually get Lindts and it has sugar in it. I think the key is I only eat 2 squares and the pecans and chocolate bar both have fat which slows things down. I have tested as much as 3 hrs later and still no spike, hope it works for you. FYI Wal-Mart has a good selection of dark chocolate up to 90% at least.

Dark Chocolate (at least 85%) melted with almond butter (or peanut butter). Either eat warm out of bowl or blob onto parchment or wax paper and freeze. IT is my version of Reese’s cup. If I have it on hand, I add ground roasted almonds and coconut flakes to it! Gets me through the sweet cravings. HTH!

Ugh. I don’t think I can be trusted around the dark chocolate! I bought three different kinds to try out and I haven’t eaten much in any one sitting, but I have a hard time not grabbing a couple of squares every few hours. If my weight were where I wanted it, I think it’d be fine carb-wise, but I’m worried it’ll keep me from losing. Sigh…

I tried making my lime jello/cream cheese thing and freezing portions of it and found out that you cannot freeze jello! lol It was terrible. So, I’m thinking I’ll have to freeze portions of cheesecake. I would have done it already but I need to buy a cake mixer or a hand blender or something to mix it.

But, generally, I have been doing very well without much in the way of treats, and I’m pretty proud of myself for it. I didn’t think I could get through a whole day without, and now I have gotten through quite a few. :slight_smile: