Do you have eye problems due to diabetes? Introduce yourself!


Oh okay! I was friends with a gent in college whom was legally blind but also deaf. But he also was able to make out sign language and had quite a sense of humor. I was a smoker then and made fun of me when he saw some cigarettes in my purse which startled me haha :smiley: Iโ€™m glad you are able to access these forums, and am sorry you get headaches!


Hi everyone! So I have a question about being blind. My husband is now completely blind in his left eye. And as you know we never know when the next bleed will happen. My question is, when you actually go blind what is the next step? Who do we call? Has anyone else thought of these questions? I hate to think of this because I pray everyday that it doesnโ€™t come to this but I feel like I should somewhat prepare. I work full time, as well as him. Can blind people use computers? I feel dumb asking these questions lol. But I seriously think I should be knowledgable just in case the worst comes true ya know.


Michele0130 _...with your question "who do we call?" Exactly what are you looking for? My first answer would be call a good eye doctor and have them give you a thoutough exam/prognosis...then call a great disability lawer if you need to! I feel the best in the country is Binder & Binder- they truly understand what we deal with on a day to day basis and work with understanding and caring...and they have an excellent record! That is just my POV and interpretation of your question, forgive me if I am completely off base!


thanks Steve. What I meant was after all is said and done. After the surgeries etc and you are blind, what do you do to continue with your life as normal as possible. Sounds stupid but, hypothetically, is there "blind support group" number to call to help you take the next steps? I assume going on disability would be inevitable but in doing that does that mean you can't work at all? I know my husband is not going to be happy not working. Blind people still work. Know what I mean?


Hey michele0130,
It seems like they might be a good place to start and they are in your area. I would give them a call and ask about where to start, we have a simaler program in BC and they are very helpful. They should have resources for support groups, ideas for working, training programs maybe? Give them a call you never know.
Hope this helps


Ladybelle - After you are on disability, you will bind they send you all kinds of pamphlets explaining different programs available - including programs designed so those on disability can work WHILE receiving ss paymnents - If the work becomes prosperous enough they will then contact you before they do this but they will take you off a peyment program. They entirety of the program can be explained by a good disability lawyer, like B&B. Or, interestingly enough, the SS dept has a pretty extensive website. I would suggest you start there!


Michele0130 - Excuse my stupidity...I am obviously getting my dialogs mixed up. No offense, and none to you, Ladybelle! Both of you, good luck and PEACE!


thank you both! Good info. Very good to know this in case the worst happens. I pray everyday that it doesn't come to that but still good to know.


Well the surgery went well, and as usual I learned some new things, Ativan makes a world of difference, and apparently I'm one of 10% of people who have nerves in their veins, which explains my life long phobia of bloodwork. Still can't see, my vision is actually a little worse, but at least it's done :) Thanks for all the support! โ™ฅ


Congratulations for getting throught another one, Ladybelle! I'm sure you'll find that your vision gets better a little more each day ..... in any case, Nice going!


Hi, I just wanted to comment on my son's progress with DME treatment. He had a moderate to severe macular edema in his right eye and a slight thickening of the macula in his left eye. We decided to proceed with monthly injections of Lucentus in his right eye. He had one injection and after 2 weeks he was checked to observe the effects. The swelling had gone down 177 microns to 300 microns. His ophthalmologist thinks the contour of the macula should continue to improve for another two weeks. I think Lucentus is a very promising treatment. The only drawback is the improvements aren't always permanent and the treatment needs to be repeated frequently, but hey we'll take it.


what do you do when you have vitreous hemorrhage in 1 eye & can't see well? pump...tubing bubbles...etc...?


I bought myself a big magifying glass (a la Sherlock Holmes) to view all "small" things whenever I am partially blind....thats the simplest answer, Shoshana! That is a bummer, though, good luck and PEACE, just remember, this, too shall pass!


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My name is Nancy,Iam blind in my left eye, l have limited sight in my right due to retinopathy of prematurity. I have had diabetes for 21 years,type2. I have had multiple treatments over the years. I am not able to weight lift:(. My retina is fragil. I have had a couple of small bleeds, but have been stable for several years. I am a white cane user who loves to walk. I use an insulin pen . Nancy


I Nancy1 I have retinopathy too. My left eye has some vision, but it's wonky. My right I is better. I saw so many people with white canes in d.C.'s subway system. It was truly amazing to me.


Does anyone know anything about Corneal Dystrophy???


Does anyone have problems with your health insurance not covering all of your eye laser surgeries?


I do missrobbie, my employer's group insurance changed hands...and some things are out of pocket. Grant you, I submit those with my income tax return, but you only get a percentage back. Same with some other areas...yet some testing that I thought would be problematic, turn out to be completely covered!