Do You Know about the Inject-Ease?

Hey all,

I've been doing shots for the past couple days because I had an issue with my Omnipod as I was getting into bed last Monday night, and was too lazy to put on a new one. I'm pretty used to switching back and forth. So yesterday at work I pulled out my "gear" while talking with Manny, inserted the syringe into my Inject-Ease, and was done in half a second. Our all-knowing and fearless leader (my words, not his) Manny, exclaimed "what the heck is THAT?". Why, Manny, it's an Inject-Ease!!!

Oh, friends, if you ever have cause to do a shot (just kidding), and you don't totally love it, then you will totally love this gadget. It's a plastic tube with a button and a spring. You draw up your syringe as usual, slip it into the tube, put it to your skin and push the button, and the thing shoots in faster than you can blink. It's AWESOME. And you can use it with a variety of different syringe sizes and needle lengths.

I've done roughly 20 bazillion shots so far in my lifetime, and without this thing I still do them slowly, painfully, and badly. Maybe it's just me, but I think we're pretty strongly wired NOT to stick stuff through our skin. And with all the costly, hi-tech gadgetry for diabetics, this thing costs about $7 at the pharmacy (mine's from Walgreens) and lasts forever. That said, I just did a search of Walgreens pharmacy supplies, and my beloved gadget didn't come up, but something called the "Autoject 2" did. I haven't used this, and I see it's a LOT more expensive ($39.99), but it purports to do the same job.

No joke, y'all. If you're on "insulin therapy" (which many of us are), or you know someone who is (which you probably do), then get one of these. And if your local pharmacy doesn't carry it then demand they get you one! Inject-Ease, by 3M.

I used an Inject-Ease when I was a kid/teenager to do shots. I used it up until I started using insulin pens as a 16-year-old.

I think the difference between the Inject-Ease and the Autoject 2 is that the Autoject 2 works with all kinds of medications (not just insulin syringes) and it also presses the plunger for you, so you don’t have to press it down manually like you do with the Inject-Ease.

I think I saw somewhere that there’s a similar device for insulin pens, as the pens obviously don’t fit into the Inject-Ease (at least not the version I had 15 or so years ago).

Oh, no! The Inject-Ease has been discontinued?? I can’t believe it. I’d so hoped my local Walgreens had just dropped it from their usual inventory. Thanks for the link to the syringe magnifier, Emmy. I’d never hear of such a thing.

Seems that you can find out where to buy it here: